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  1. I have been messing around with different settings etc to try and get it to work and looking for effects. Nothing workable is coming up, just the ugly 'burn' stuff. The actual blur and sharpen are not blurring or sharpening still. Not like it used to, certainly nothing worth trying to actually work with.
  2. I was trying different opacitys etc to make sure I had at least a chance of something showing. Nothing. Same in 100% The owl picture was just one I had randomly put in to see if anything worked. I have lost heart to do any proper editing with this, which is frustrating as I have some great shots I want to process, but not worth it on Affinity if it doesnt work. Adding video is more than I am set up for. Clarity and Harsh on the Sharpen tool is the first time I have seen any change, albeit an ugly big streak, a bit like the Dodge tool does. Not workable, but at least something shows.
  3. I have checked the brush tool settings, all reset. It doesnt work on anything at all, let alone when I start to do layers. I am at the point of giving up and binning Affinity. Disappointed with level of 'Customer Support' from a product problem. Only had it a couple of months. Waste of money.
  4. Thanks, it used to work for me, so I was able to use it and see what it did. Just doesnt now.
  5. Thank you for replying. I am just dragging and dropping, the same as I have always done. I am doing nothing different that I am aware of. It has simply stopped working to blur and sharpen in any way. I have tried varying the settings for the tools and the brushes to no avail. I am frankly despairing and very disapointed that I have spent my limited money on software that doesnt work and isnt simple to get fixed.
  6. Thanks, I am on Windows. I have reset everything, and uninstalled and reinstalled. Still not working.
  7. What and/or where are apps preferences? I am running on my laptop. I have deinstalled and reinstalled to no avail. Reset settings [I think] Really frustrated. There seems to be no customer support or any contact information to actually talk to someone, other than interested people on forums and FB groups. Need to talk to someone or even better sit down with them and work through all of this. Sarah
  8. I have had Affinity a few months and recently the Blur tool and the Sharpen tool dont make any affect, they did initially. I have tried varying the pixels and diameter and various other settings. I dont know if I have disabled or blocked something and cant find how to reset or what else to do. Immensely frustrating as it is impacting other learning. Any advice on how to reset or if I may of got a background/hidden setting wrong would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Sarah
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