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  1. I'm also being prompted to enter a brush name when selecting 'Save as' on both the Pixel and Vector brush tools across MacOS and Windows and I've not been able to create a scenario where it doesn't do this thus far.
  2. Thanks, i've added info this onto the existing report as it appears to have the same trigger (Select Bottom/Top), just a different selection.
  3. Welcome to the forums @cookkoo, The pre-flight warning indicates that the spelling language used for your text frames is set to one that is missing on your system, for example if the document was created on a different system with access to that dictionary this warning would prompt. This can normally be resolved by importing the missing dictionary onto your device via the Hunspell dictionary library, however I can't find one for en-TH available in their library (English-Thai maybe? Not sure). In this scenario it would likely be easier to just change the spelling language of all text and art text frames in your document. One way to do this is to use the Select (Along the top menu bar) > Select Object > Frame Text to highlight all the text frames in your document, and in the 'Character' panel (Window > Text > Character) under the 'Language' dropdown set the spelling language over to an English dialect that is available. You can then repeat this for Art Text layers if applicable. After correcting your existing document I would also suggest defaulting your text frame tool to use an available spelling language, with the tool selected and the language updated in the Character panel go to Edit > Defaults > Save. You can then repeat this for Art text.
  4. Welcome to the forums @Arend, We have a dedicated video tutorial linked below which details the process of installing dictionaries on both MacOS and Windows.
  5. Hi @Affinity_Pro, Good spot, I've now logged this with the docs team for correction.
  6. Hi @FrM, I've now replicated and logged this issue with the developers.
  7. The Isometric panel is a Designer exclusive feature so the panel not prompting in the Publisher persona in V2 (and V1 Windows) is the expected behaviour, and the V1 MacOS Publisher persona behaviour was likely an oversight. It could be argued that the panel would prompt if the user has access to the Designer Persona in Publisher, but at that point it would be feature request.
  8. Hi @Polygonius, On the basis you purchased the app via the Affinity store once you've signed in to your Affinity ID you can access your Universal License downloads on the 'V2 Licenses and downloads' page linked below. https://store.serif.com/en-gb/account/licences/
  9. Hi @Dybkjær, This import styles crash bug is a known issue that has been fixed in 2.4 beta, meaning that when 2.4 is officially released this fix will be present. 🙂
  10. Hey @MikeTO, This is currently logged with the developers, i'll bump it with your report. 🙂
  11. As @Return's found the problem appears to be with the stock images themselves, as the grey line is visible on the stock download from pixabay.com directly, which takes affinity out of the equation. I've just checked and it's the same with that initial 'Face' image, the grey line is visible on the high res download directly from the website.
  12. Hi @Iztok, RAW Support for the DC-S5M2 has not yet been added in Photo 2, the FAQ below details the currently supported Camera RAW models.
  13. Hey @Hangman, Thanks for the steps and recording, I've replicated this issue and logged it with the developers. 🙂
  14. I'm not seeing this on Windows for this particular stock image but on my M1 mac I can see the grey line. @Affinity_Pro have you got any other example stock images which also show this?
  15. Welcome to the forums @Camber, It looks like this is because you have the pixel grid enabled in your Grid and axis settings as well as the automatic grid. The pixel grid is only visible at larger magnification levels which is why you're only seeing this past a certain point, and with both visible concurrently it can look quite confusing as they are the same colour and opacity by default. Turning the pixel grid off will prevent this. https://affinity.help/photo2/English.lproj/pages/DesignAids/grids.html
  16. Hi @Dandandan, This is a known issue currently logged with the developers, the adjustment window should be initially appearing on top of the app floated window rather than behind. if you re-size the floated window so that the adjustment dialog is visible and then move the position of the adjustment window onto your desired monitor, subsequent adjustment windows should then remember that last position you moved it to for the remainder of the app session.
  17. Hi @MikeTO, Thanks for raising this and providing a sample file, I'm not sure what's specifically causing this to trigger but it's definitely related to Master A being used for the initial text frame layout, as a test in your document I created a new empty master page and then applied this to all the pages in the document with 'migrate' enabled, this promoted all the master page text frames to standard frames, and after inserting 1 page after page 10 it no longer links Story 2's frames to Story 3 and therefore all the text content is retained. Quite the concerning find as it does appear to have wiped out Story 3 completely, I've now logged this with the developers for further investigation
  18. Hi @Tonya1026, As well as following GarryP's advice above could you also possibly upload a copy of the saved .afdesign/.afphoto file where you're encountering this issue so we can take a look?
  19. Hi @AP-, Many thanks for confirming and providing a recording, I can confirm I can now consistently replicate the crash in the beta so I'll get this logged with the developers. Despite having the same initial document and panel setup I can't replicate the crash in 2.3.1 but I'll make a note of the fact that you've replicated it in release in the report. I was mistaken; they do have the same trigger however the existing bug/crashing issue related to single facing page masters being present in the document - which in the case of OP's file are not used.
  20. Hi @AP-, Thanks for following up, based on the contents of the file it doesn't appear to be related to an existing report so my earlier comment can be disregarded. We're also not able to re-create an app crash by following the steps with your provided file across a few different Macs, the first page deletes as expected with immediate effect. The crash reports don't reference Metal as the issue in the stack but I would also just like to rule it out at this stage, if you disable Hardware Acceleration and set the 'Display' to 'OpenGL' under the app Settings > Performance and then close the interface and restart does the crash still occur?
  21. Hi @AP-, It's possible that this is related to a single facing page deletion crash bug I logged recently, so I can confirm this and check if the crash can be replicated could you possibly provide any of the .afpub files where you encountered these crashes? I have provided a private upload link below. https://www.dropbox.com/request/6bAP1w6KysgvX2ghXEg7 Many thanks
  22. Hi @bures, Good spot, i've now logged this with the developers.
  23. Hi @389fe6d1, I've since got my hands on a Wacom Cintiq display tablet, and after arranging it on top of my display in Windows i'm now able to replicate this issue with the filter dialog and it has now been logged with the developers. 🙂
  24. Yep, there's a separate improvement logged internally with the devs for the tab load order to be sequential, i'll bump it with your report.
  25. Thanks, my original tests were using dual monitor setups, and I don't think we have that specific model but I'll see if it can be replicated on a display tablet.
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