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  1. Video Import Considering that we now live in a multimedia era in which most cameras are also capable of shooting video clips, I would like to see support to import such video clips and perform at least very basic operations (i.e., trim, copy & trim, set poster frame, etc.) Then, on export to export to a frame size, format desired (i.e., 4K -> 1080p or 720p, etc.) Such capability is already inherent in Adobe's Lightroom, Apple's basic photos app even. In consideration that most cameras, especially and obviously smart phones) are capable of shooting video clips, and the added fact we
  2. Semi-Retired, freelance media producer in Tokyo.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the matter. I took a look at the basic browser function you point out under the View Menu. Yes that is fairly basic, but, better then nothing. I am looking forward to what you folks do come up with as a DAM-like offering. If it's any thing lilke Affinity Photos is to photo editing, I can imagine your DAM offering will be equally awesome for assets management. Apple's photos app does come close to what I would like by integrates browsing, cataloguing and editing as an all-in-one solution. Problem with Apple though is, they continue dumb down their applicatio
  4. As far as I can tell there is no media navigation browser capability in Affinity Photo as you might find in Adobe Lightroom, Graphic Converter Pro, Adobe Bridge, etc. It will be a big help if a resource folder tree and navigation thumbnails could be implemented along the left hand side or wherever to be able to browser and edit multiple photos, saving them all in batch, rather then having one photo assigned to one tab as seems to be the current way of open multiple photos. If say I wanted to open a folder of 50 folders and had to create 50 tabs for those photos, it would be pretty difficul
  5. Congratulations on the development of an excellent software. Affinity has one shortcoming though from my perspective, that I look for in ANY application. Affinity Photo lacks a photo browser to access photos freely from a flowing stream, like in Lightroom, or Enlighten for iPhone. When editing, I like to freely have access to multiple images in a thumbnail, matrix type display or at least a media strip at the bottom or side. This allows for easy access to multiple media data items rather then having to open photos one-by-one, drill down to a resource location, load the file, begin to edit the
  6. Personally I prefer working in a dark environment like with Adobe's Lightroom. It allows media to stand out in contrast versus having to do production work in a shocking white environment, which is tiring after a long time at the computer. It's what I also like about FCP-X for video work as well. In all fairness though to those that deplore and lament the dark interface, the developers should at least be offer a preference setting (as there is in LR) to set the degree of darkness or lightness of the working environment for those that wish to work in bright white.
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