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    inkydigit reacted to EdK in AP + Nik Collection = Magic   
    Nik Collection resources to add a bit of magic to Affinity Photo
    The material referenced here used the Nik plugins with various (non-AP) photo editing programs. The usage and results apply equally to AP.
    1. Nik Tutorials: A few weeks ago, I posted a link on this forum to Nik tutorials (written when I was an invited Nik beta tester, pre-Google) - the most comprehensive tutorials available IMO.
    2. Luminosity Conversion & Blending: A week or so later I added a Nik related series with useful (little known) color theory and Nik luminosity-based B&W conversion techniques and blending that greatly enhance image quality.
    3. Masking & Control-Points: In browsing the Affinity forum, I see that masking is a topic of interest. Nik Control-Point technology makes masking easy-peasy as shown here.
    I'll keep adding to this list. Keep in mind, the blog in which these appear is searchable; just type a keyword or two to find items of interest in the nearly 2,000 posts. Since Control Points set Nik apart form other photo editing software, try searching "control points" for all that you'll ever want to know.
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    inkydigit reacted to LoBu in Filters for Photos - download for free   
    Sorry not for AF but for Photos, take it or leave it. 
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    inkydigit reacted to Tamauro in "Tree of Life" Free logo template   
    I like Affinity and I like this community, so I’d like to share this logo template that I did using AD, the title is “Tree of Life” and I hope that can be useful for some of you ;)
    Here you can see a preview image: http://ibizaperspectives.com/Tree-of-Life-preview-image.jpg
    and here you can download the all item: http://ibizaperspectives.com/Tree-of-Life.zip
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    inkydigit reacted to Chris Van Cleve in Dream Gradients   
    Now that I have redone all of my styles to use editable gradients, I decided why not provide just the gradients used as a palette? So here you go. Hope you enjoy it.
    Find this and more at https://dscape-llc.com/affinity

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