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  1. Wanted to way in. I started using Publisher in July. I wasted three full days of work when the program started crashing for no reason I can discern and it also failed to save work. At the point that I could not save work -- obviously-- I gave up and went back to Indesign. I have tried since to no avail. Like OP I would love to get rid of Indesign, but obviously I am not going to use a program that for me is unusable. My experience almost identical to OP. I stopped visiting the forums when I first returned to Indesign. I've recently returned in the hope I would see some glimmer of hope. I'll unhappily be sticking with Indesign for the foreseeable future until Affinity can make Publisher a reliable program.
  2. I desperately want to ditch Adobe and since I love Affinity Photo, I was confident in starting a new project directly after the release in June. I'm aware that this is generally bad practice. Anyway, I wasted three 16 hour days fighting with Publisher. So I am now starting the project over in INDD, which I know can at least accomplish my task. At first the glitches were weird but minor. Not being able to edit one text frame when another that was a copy of it was fine. Having to restart every time I wanted to access one particular master. Then the problems got more serious. Strange, unrequested edits to masters, inconsistent behaviour of masters, unable to edit pages even after detaching the masters, not being able to duplicate masters. Not saving. I lost a half a days work just because when I turned the program off (after saving), it didn't save. I have a deadline within a week, which was very tight as it is. Thus, I cannot replicate errors, go into more detail, tell you what I was doing at the time (I couldn't find any rhyme nor reason anyway), simply because the next 72 hours of life are booked. I will return to Publisher. I love the concept. Except for the frequent glitches, it is much easier to use than INDD -- and it has the great advantage of not being Adobe. However, I just don't have time to spend hours fighting with unexplained glitches, crashes, and non-saves. As I said, I cannot provide you with screenshots, details other than I've given, or anything else, other than to say, on the 4th day of use, the glitches became so bad that the program was unusable. I wanted to let you know this, first, to tell you I REALLY want to use Publisher, and second, perhaps you can glean some information from mine. MacBook Pro 10.14.5 Simone
  3. Ignore the emoticons in the previous post. Apparently b ) doesn't equal b but a smiley face
  4. That’s interesting and confusing. I go through the same process with every photo, including the offending and non-offending files: a) choose from my viewer, choose option to open in Affinity b) in Affinity edit the photo c) save and export the photo to a specified folder in my Finder (although I have been doing c) before b) since this problem started, as there is nothing more frustrating than working on an image and having it lost. It has happened with jpeg and RAW files. This morning I have worked on several files and it happened again with a jpeg and once more with a RAW. The RAW are all stored in the same place and, for the work I have been doing the past two days, shot in the same session with the same camera. I did a test run with another batch of files and all saved just fine. It seems somewhat random. I’d say about 10% of the files I’ve worked on in Affinity had this problem. The image I sent you has now been worked on in Pixelmator, saved, and then I decided against using it, so trashed. I can’t try it again. If this can’t be figured out, I probably will favor Pixelmator for my work. I actually bought it a couple of months ago, and then when I read about Affinity, I couldn’t help but buy it too, but with some guilt seeing as I already have an adequate editor. Now, I’m very glad I have Pixelmator as a backup. I can’t really tell you more than I have already. I don’t know why you could save and I couldn’t. I don’t know why ~10% of my files from the same shooting session won’t save in Affinity, but work fine in other editors. I do know that this is very frustrating.
  5. Update: I recently tried to save a jpg in Affinity and received the same error message. Clearly there is something very wrong. Can it be fixed? Should I re-download?
  6. Okay, zipping it seemed to work. Take a look at the file and see what you think. Cascade BA - citrus heather-5.RW2.zip
  7. Yes, I've replicated this error several times with the two aforementioned files. So far I've encountered this with 2 of approximately 20 images that I've worked on in Affinity. I only recently bought it. I attempted to attach the file, but apparently I can't upload RW2 files. It says I am "not permitted to upload this kind of file". That is the format I initially use almost all of the time. Once I'm in an editor, I use the editor's native file type and export to jpeg. I always start out in RAW though. But I haven't got the chance with this one and it's a RW2 file. Let me know if there is anything I can do to get around this.
  8. I have been using Affinity for about 3 weeks. So far these are the only two images that I could not save. I tried skipping Unbound. Still couldn't save. I tried turning Pathfinder off and selecting photo directly from Finder. Still no save. So, I don't think it's Unbound or Pathfinder. Perhaps the files are corrupt? However, I have no problems viewing them or, as I ended up doing, editing and saving them through Pixelmator.
  9. I save my photos in Finder via Pathfinder. I view them in Unbound. I edit them in Affinity -- when I can. Today, I successfully chose several photos from Unbound, edited them in Affinity, and successfully saved them. Two photos -- from the same camera, from the same shooting session, and both of which showed up in Unbound just fine -- could be edited, but when I went to save them I got this : Save failed because the file could not be created. Please report this to Serif. File::OpenUnmanaged fopen E001 [errno = 2] What can be done about this? I like affinity, but I can't spend hours on a photo only to find out it won't save.
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