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  1. Got it! I've experimented with 5 of the .ARW files and - if anything - the results are under-exposed. Looks like I can batch-correct this with a new macro, at least, I'll try it with the first five before I do anything I may regret! Many thanks for your swift replies - much appreciated!
  2. I now see, in the video tutorial, that the pictures being batch processed are .jpg files. I wanted to load .ARW files and batch process them to .jpgs - is this not possible?
  3. With an ARW file loaded I get this: But with no file loaded, this: What am I doing wrong, please? Ray
  4. It's "Humble Pie" time. Firstly, apologies to Édouard <edouard@thekeptpromise.com> for doubting the capabilities of CreateBooklet 2. As you will see above, after I sent the afpub file, the issue was found to be rectified by selecting "Fit to Printable" - no idea why, but selecting this results in an identical booklet being sent to CreateBooklet 2. The subsequent printing went without a hitch, using automatic duplex (remembering to set Short side binding - which CreateBooklet 2 reminds you to do). I can now unconditionally retract my disparaging comments and admit that it works well, provided you send it the correct info. Another apology is due to the members of this forum for taking up so much time and space on this topic. However, a bug seems to have been revealed, so all is not lost. I look forward to the day when the GM of Affinity Publisher is released, together with a workbook, hopefully. Sorry again, to all involved! Ray
  5. I wasn't trying to get help with CreateBooklet on here, I was getting help with Affinity Publisher - and I did, successfully. The "issues" I had with CreateBooklet were that, firstly it didn't produce a booklet of the correct size, as all the pages were miniaturised. Secondly, when I adjusted the size of the text is completely changed the layout even using scale. Thirdly, the cover page graphic could not be positioned satisfactorily. All of the above - given that I only purchased the CreateBooklet to try as a workaround - was not really encouraging, so I pursued getting info about the printing possibilities within Affinity. A member realised what my problem was and kindly guided me to the correct procedure, which I am now able to follow and thus do not need your software. Since you believe that CreateBooklet is better than my experience with it so far, why didn't it get one thing correct, as it's supposed to be easy to use. Please do not respond to this on this forum, e-mail me. It's unfair tp burden others interested in Affinity Publisher with troubles from another company.
  6. Me too, but it inverted the second side pages, probably because OKI can't be bothered to update their printer driver to run with Apple's latest OS. However, I've now got EXACTLY what I wanted, from within Affinity Publisher, which was the goal from the start. Now to try for a refund on the CreateBooklet software! Many thanks to all responders, especially AlanM!
  7. Alan, thank you so much, I have succeeded at last, much appreciated! My steps were: Select Multi-Purpose Tray on my Printer Menu (on the printer itself). File, Print - change Range and Scale to Document Layout. TURN OFF Two-Sided printing (if applicable) Change Mode from Single to Booklet Change Document Layout to Paper Handling Select Pages to Print to: Even Only Select relevant feed on printer (MP Tray). Print Even Pages Reverse order of pages in printed pages stack Repeat above, Select Pages to Print to: Odd Only Insert into MP Tray. Print. Fold and Staple. What I hadn't realised was that I could use a menu option more than once in the printer dialog. Thanks again - much appreciated!
  8. I've already got it, John, as the screenshot shows, but it's not very good.
  9. Yes, I said I was on a Mac in my initial post. Here is the drop-down from the PDF option in the print dialog: The penultimate entry in the list above "Edit Menu..." is the external application that I purchased, but doesn't accurately print the booklet, even with numerous attempts within the app to adjust it. I've no idea what Yojimbo is! Version is
  10. Doesn't work for me. The resultant booklet requires a magnifying glass to read and leaves the last two odd pages blank.
  11. Thank you - this is getting closer! However, it's printing the even pages upside down when printing booklets, I can't see a way to print just one side first. If I choose single sided, I get ALL pages, but on one side only. I don't see a way of instructing the printer to print just odd or even pages?
  12. "(Print dialog, Layout tab, Model = Booklet) and all the page reordering, etc. happens automatically at that point." Not for me, it doesn't. Here's my Print dialog box: Here's the "Layout" option from the Range and Scale dropdown menu. No "Booklet" option anywhere. There's nothing wrong with my layout of the document - sorry, "Project." I knew it was to be printed as a booklet, so I designed a booklet, whatever your opinion of my syntax or grammar. I cannot follow your (much appreciated) advice, if the options are not there. I'm only getting it to print via a third-party addition (and that is not WYSIWYG) and that can't be right. I need to get this right.
  13. The software added the page for me, so that's not the problem, thanks for the suggestion though. My concern is that after making the booklet so easy to design, edit, decorate, etc., that I cannot print it from within the application. I have had to purchase and download "Create Booklet 2," set that up, invoke a script to enable another menu item in the print dialog, then still get an inaccurate result via Adobe PDF. It prints a booklet, sure, but it's not laid out as it should be in regard to scale, margins, etc. and adjusting the appearance in the Create Booklet app doesn't quite get it right. There MUST be a better/simpler way?
  14. I was rather pleased how easy it was to design a 15-page booklet in APub, but there seems to be no way to print it in the correct order within the app, unless I'm missing something? Mac 27" Retina, 32GB RAM, macOS Mojave, 3TB fusion HD OKI C531dn colour laser, Epson R265, Epson XP720 and an Affinity fan since the start. Suggestions, please.

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