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  1. + 1 Yes, please add me to those requesting a tracing tool. Thank you.
  2. FANTASTIC NEWS! Yes, I'm shouting on purpose. This is exciting and will be the reason an iPad Pro is in my future. Thank you.
  3. Yes, I saw those posts about auto trace. What I'm wondering is if it is possible to trace the raster image by hand to convert it to a vector graphic. Another related question: I imported the image into Photoshop Elements from a pdf file to erase the white background. If I import the pdf image into Affinity Designer is there a way to erase the white background and maintain the vector image which I understand is the format that the pdf image is in? I'm sorry if my questions are very basic. My experience with computers goes back to mainframes and later Apple II, Commodore 64 and TRS 80, but how to create and use vector images is something very new to me. Yes, I'm an old guy trying to learn something new. Thank you.
  4. Can a PSD image be converted to a vertor image by using AD?
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