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  1. H iFolks, Having a slight issue with Affinity Designer in that I was viewing the history menu (Bottom right of the UI) for one of my projects when Designer suddenly closed itself. I restarted and tried again, same thing happened. I tried the same thing around 4 times and each time AD closed itself down with an error report being generated each time. The issue seems to be when I try to select and of my edit history... interestingly I was also using CMD+Z to go back through some undo history when the same thing happened again. Very odd, this has only started happening since 1.4 update. Mark
  2. Hi Guys, I managed to sort it. I just had to make sure that all the strokes had Scale with object selected like you suggested Alex. The only thing that is still causing me a slight issue is that the text is not scaling with the rest of the object?!? Mark
  3. Thanks for coming back to me Crabtree, I have tried your suggestions but no joy. Each time I resize the image my stroke sizes alter (or don't alter as the case may be) and so does one of the shapes within the design (A rounded corner triangle). Not sure why this would be, I am still total newbie to all this really. Think I may just have to start the whole design again but start with the correct dimensions this time, annoying :( Cheers Mark
  4. Sorry for the delay, Busy Xmas. All seems ok now, odd but at least it's all sorted. Cheers folks. Mark
  5. Hi Folks, Newbie here again. Just updated to v 1.4 in Designer and opened up a project I was working on but I don't have the layers window open on the left hand side anymore?!? How do I get this back? Cheers Mark
  6. Actually... I do still have a questions. So I have managed to restore my layers panel on the left hand side... however.... As you can see from the screen shot none of my layers are appearing in the layers panel. This has happened since the 1.4 update. Any ideas?
  7. Cancel my last question, I solved it. Just double click on the floating window and it goes back to it's fixed position.
  8. I had something similar on one of my projects but when I did the final export the gap had vanished, although when you re-opn it within Designer the gap appears again.
  9. Thanks Ferreirex, Turns out I just had to select 'reset studio'. Not sure why it all changed though after the 1.4 update. Is there a way to have the tools window fixed rather than floating too? Again it changed after the 1.4 to a floating window. Cheers Mark
  10. Hi Folks, Newbie Mark here again. Quick question for all you experienced people. What tool is best to use if you just want to draw a simple dead straight line? and this sort of brings me on to questions 2. When using the Pen tool do you have to complete the lines, i.e join the nodes together or can you end it at any point? Does that make sense? Cheers folks Mark
  11. Ah... Oh yeah. Every day is a learning day. Thanks again Mark
  12. Hi Folks, Me again asking daft questions. Can someone have a look at the attached file and explain to me how I can "cut" the canopy section out and leave that area blank? I will then need to put a similar shape within that hollowed out area but leaving a thin boarder between the new canopy shape and the fuselage. Make sense? thought not, but hopefully someone out there can make sense of what I am trying to do. Cheers again folks. Mark Door Design Post client edits.afdesign
  13. Hi MEB, Thanks for the help again, just one issues though. When I try to change the stroke colour so that I can see what I am doing nothing happens?!? It just stays the original grey colour. What am I doing wrong? Mark
  14. Hi Folks, Me again.... After a little more help again please if you would be so kind. So, have a look at the file I have attached. Look to theft and you will see an upper and lower wing. I need the lower wing curve at the furthest left tip to match the curve of the upper wing, making it more symmetrical. Also, how do i make sure that the distance between the two wings (Upper and lower) is that same distance across the full length of the wing again ensuring symmetry. Hope that makes sense and someone can help. Thanks guys Mark Door Design 2.afdesign
  15. Hi A B C, Thats really helpful many thanks! Thats why I love this forum , so helpful Mark
  16. Hi A_B_C, That way looks interesting. I think I can just about make out the method, apologies I am totally new to all this. Mark
  17. Thanks evtonic3, Forgive me though but could you just explain the process of creating the stroke. Also, as I am still very much a newbie to all this are you able to explain the boolean process in more detail. Thank you . Mark
  18. Magnus you are a life saver! I am really grateful for the help, and the speedy response. Every day is a learning day. Thanks again Mark
  19. Hi Folks, Newbie here again... how do I change the default background from white to transparent? and can I do this half way through a project? Cheers again in advance (best Community Forum I've come across bar none) Mark
  20. Thanks Magnus, Might help if I explain what Im trying to do a little better. I have created my project in Affinity Designer but when I started the new file i didn't check the transparency setting so obviously I now have a white background. So I tried what MEB suggested and I switched the white background to transparent. I am now trying to export my design over into Pixelmator (Sorry guys, haven't got round to getting Affinity Photo yet) so that I can blend my design with an image I have. Now when I import the image it is importing with the white background which is causing me an issue. Any suggestions? Will it be the case I will have to create a new document with the transparent setting right from the start and bring over me design? Sorry guys, probably a simple problem but I'm still learning. Cheers Mark
  21. Cheers for that JFisher, thats what I was after.
  22. Hi Folks, Newbie here with another silly question! So following on from a previous post I finally managed to draw my descending ribbon using get even tool. I now need to fill it with colour but this is were it has all gone wrong. When I fill the ribbon shape with colour it does not follow the lines in the shape (Sorry this is hard to explain) The shape is made of of three fillable sections with each needing to be a slightly different colour so as not to blend in on itself, I will eventually be removing the thin black pen boarder line you see. When I fill the shape it seems to fill random sections and over fill the boarder line. I have attached the file for someone to have a look at. I'm clueless with this... I know someone out there knows exactly where I am going wrong. Sorry if this is all a bit confusing but as I already said it's a hard one to explain. Hope you can help me out... again! Door Design.afdesign
  23. Ah.... in fact don't worry, I think I just figured it out. Makes sense now, sorry it is a Monday after all! Really appreciate the help with that.
  24. Hi Gear maker, Thank you for answering so quickly. Sorry to sound a bit daft but I really am a total newbie, could you explain your answer a little more as I don't quite understand. Thanks and sorry Mark