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  1. Hi Alfred, Finally got round to trying this and I have at last got it Many thanks for your time and patience Mark
  2. Hi Alfred, Sorry for the late reply, works been manic. Sorry I am still having trouble with steps 5,6 and 7. How do I add a node? and then how do I break the circle. Sorry for all the darts questions but every day is a learning day :D Mark
  3. Hi Folks, Beginner question here. So I've got a logo design Ive done using AD. I'm semi-happy with it and ready to start trying on some mock-up stationary etc. However, whenever I re-size it using the Shift key and dragging the corners in it all goes a bit wrong. The text size doesn't change so ends up massively out of proportion, the shapes Ive created don't decrease in size as they should and it ends up looking a right mess. I'm new to the whole design world and still finding my feet. What is the best process for designing, creating a logo that will go across a multitude of products (Stationary, websites etc) and what is the best way to transfer it onto mock ups without destroying the logo when re-siziing it. Regards Mark
  4. Hi Alfred, I will look into downloading the new Beta. Thank you for your help but I am just having some difficulty with the third set of your instructions, any chance you could simplify them down to a level that a semi intelligent chimp could understand? Thanks again Mark
  5. Thank Alfred, but again I'm having that issue as your file has been done in v1.5.0 and I am running 1.4.3. MEB, if you read this is there any chance you could convert the file again please? Mark
  6. Sorry, Had an issue uploading... Should be attached correctly now. Mark Logo test 1.afdesign
  7. Thank Alfred, Any chance you could help out with my last post I just one above? Mark
  8. Ok, So another little problem I have come across.... and I'm sure you clever people will have an answer for me. It may be easier if you just take a look at the attached file as I have put my question on there to try and make it easier to understand. Logo test 1.afdesign
  9. Now I see.. Thank you for the file MEB and yes Alfred thats exactly what I was after. Cheers again Folks, always a pleasure. Mark
  10. Ah pants..... Any suggestions? Mark
  11. Hi Alfred, Unfortunately I keep getting an error message when I try to open your file. It says that the file version is not supported with my version of designer?!?!? I'm using the latest version. Odd... any ideas? Mark
  12. Mvdarbs

    Fake MMA Promo

    Wow, great work. As a beginner to I'd be really interested to understand how you created this? Mark
  13. Hi Folks and a very Merry Xmas to you all, I'm after some help again for a change. I have a project I have been working on and I now need to submit it to a specific website. Here is the issue... The project was created with the original document being set up as A4 size (Not sure why I picked this size but I did), I have now found out that my design needs to be submitted firstly in .jpeg format but also I am restricted to submitted it in the following dimensions... Width - 900px Height - 500px. I have tried simply set up a new project with those dimensions and then just drag my project into it and select my whole design and re-size it using the hold down shift and grab the top corner method but this totally throws my design out. The text won't re-size and some of the brushstrokes are still way to big. Is there are easier way? I am not familiar at all with the export persona but was wondering if there was a way I could use that? Any ideas folks? Mark
  14. Hi Folks, This is my first real go at a more complex (Complex for me that is) design using AD. The plan is for this design to go onto a tee shirt but I wanted to offer it up on here first to get some feedback and pointers. The title is "Bay the Force be with you", its my take on Big Hero 6 being crossed with Star Wars. The design is not 100% complete yet but the basic design is there and I thought this would be a good time to offer it up for some helpful feedback. The areas I have struggled with mainly are... 1> Symmetry - If you look closely you will see that the helmet does not sit central to the body, when I try to get it central it seems to throw the rest of the design out. This, I am finding, is a common issue for me when I try to create something. 2> Shading - I have no real idea how to perfect the shading on this. As you can see 90% of the image is a white colour which made creating definition between things such as the helmet, armour, body, arms and legs really hard. Any advice on this would be HUGELY welcome. Any other points you can see that you think are worth mentioning then please feel free. Thanks folks Mark Bay the Force be with you v1.0.afdesign
  15. Cheers guys, thanks you for the helpful advice and feedback. Any suggestions on correcting the symmetry problem I mentioned? Mark
  16. Mvdarbs

    A drawing - from start to finish

    Thanks for uploading Dan, I found it really helpful. Keep up the good work and I'd be interested to what other projects you post up in here. Mark
  17. Hi Folks, Just want to raise something. Not sure if its a bug or just me being a newbie.... I created a shape and had to round the corners.... I then grouped everything together in order to re-size the entire project and used the Shift key plus drag to start resizing the object. This worked fine but I noticed that the rounded corners I had created did not alter which obviously threw out the whole shape. Does this make sense? Just wanted to bring it up. Keep up the good work folks. Mark
  18. Mvdarbs

    A drawing - from start to finish

    That would be brill thanks Mark
  19. Mvdarbs

    A drawing - from start to finish

    Awesome work there Dan, I loved the video. Any chance you could do a short tutorial explaing how you went about the half tones bit, I found that really interesting but obviously your video is speeded up so it's hard to follows. Keep up the good work Mark
  20. Hi Folks, Not sure this post fits in anywhere on the forum but being as this place is full of really helpful experienced people I thought I would try it anyway. I have been playing around with a design (AD) for a t shirt I am looking at getting done. Would anyone out there be willing to have a look at my design and offer some "creative" feedback on how I can improve it. Every day is a learning day! Sorry if this post is not appropriate to the forum. Any chance a form could be set up on here for such exchanges between designers to share ideas? just a thought. Cheers Folks Mark
  21. Hi Folks, Just wanted to bring something to your attention. So I was creating a shape and need to place another shape within the original and loose the excess. To do this I used the divide tool. The problem was, I had also used the corner tool with the original shape to curve my corners in. As soon as I used the divide tool though I lost the curved corners and they reverted back to their original shape. Wasn't sure if this was bug or just one of those things. Either way just wanted to make you aware. Keep up the good work Mark
  22. Hi Folks, So heres one for you. Can you bend a shape, in my case a triangle? I have a series of triangle that need to have a slight bend in to give them that more fluid look. possible or not? and if so... how??? Cheers folks Mark
  23. Ah ha... I've got it. That was great cheers JoePoe... Once again this community comes to my rescue. Best forum I've ever been on for people new to this sort of work. Thanks all
  24. Hi Folks, Happy new year and all that blah.... Quick questions, How would be the best way to go about adding a separate colour within a shape? I have created a a shape with a black fill and now within that shape I need to further add grey stripes/blocks. I need them to fill it accurately. If it was a square shape then no problems but this is far from square and has curves all over the shop. Any ideas? no doubt you will have, hence why a reply on this forum like nothing else :huh: Cheers again and thanks in advance Mark
  25. This is the sort of thing I am after

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