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  1. Hi Folks, I have created a shape (Basically a large triangle) and I need to make it look more like a mountain top so I want to create sort of a snowy peak to the top. I have tried to create this using two smaller inverted triangles but I need to remove the baseline. How would I go about ding this or does anyone have a suggestion of another way I could create this? Me being new and all. I have attached a screen shot to hopefully help explain what I am after. Thanks folks Mark
  2. Hi Alfred, I thought I had solved this but it appears that I haven't. So this is where I am at with it. 1> Created two separate inverted triangle shapes. 2> Selected both and used the "add" tool in the top tool bar to add them together. 3> The option to "covert to curves is greyed out" so I am not able to do that. 4> When I select the node tool and try to grab the centre (Which is a blue square) it just moves one portion of one of the triangles. I've attached two images to try and show what I mean. Every day is a learning day :blink: Mark
  3. Hi Folks, Symmetry question. I don't quite get use snapping tool/guide. I find it hit and miss, probably because I am not using it property I suspect. Some times I get the nice green lines showing that I have lined up one of my shapes nicely with another and yet other times I get nothing?? Any ideas what I am doing wrong with this? Short on info there I know but If you need more let me know. Cheers Mark
  4. Hi Folks, After a spot of help again... So I have a design whereby I have three similar shapes, Each a different colour at present. I now need to match all three. Is there an easy way of matching the colour exactly? Cheers folks Mark
  5. Hi Jer, Thanks for that, I had just figured that bit out. Thanks for replying though. This forum saves me some days. Cheers Mark
  6. Cancel the last I think Ive sorted it Mark
  7. Hi Guys, Sorry for the late reply but Ive been away. Thanks for the suggestions but I am still have some trouble. I created the two smaller triangles using the triangle shape tool. When I select the node tool it doesn't give me an option to play around with the triangle shapes. There is no option to grab the individual nodes. Am I missing something glaringly obvious here? Cheers Mark
  8. Thanks both... Mike, How do I create midpoints? Mark
  9. Hi Folks, More of a general question to put out there tonight. How do I make sure the shape/object/image I am creating is symmetrical? I have used the pen tool to create a shape I was after but I need to make sure it is symmetrical. How would I go about doing this? is there any option to see this? plus then I want to insert other shapes inside my main shape but I want to make sure they are lined up perfectly with certain sections of the original shape. Is there an option somewhere to assist with this? Random I know but just a general question that has been bugging me lately. Cheers folks Mark
  10. So I've just brought the new AD work book and I love it, so well put together. One question though, how do I access the resource files? Mark
  11. Hi Folks, Me again.... This time I am after some advice for colouring an object. I have created an object and it will have a single solid colour, however the top of the shape needs to be different colour. there is a break between the two. I have attached an image to show you what I am on about. Any ideas for the best way to go about changing the colour of the top section? Mark
  12. Ah now I get it, I was going to try going down the Boolean approach too. Thanks again MEB, those short videos are a great idea! Thanks Mark
  13. Hi Paolo, Thanks for the reply. I'm a newbie to all this so any chance to could break that down into step by step for me? Mark
  14. Hi Folks, Just after a little help again if possible. I have created a line of text in a logo I am putting together for a client. I need to adjust a couple of letters and by that I mean I need to adjust certain parts of the letters shapes. Is there a way to convert the character to a shape and manipulate that way from within Affinity Designer? I know there are other programmes that can do this such as Pixelmator etc but I can seem to see a way in AD. Any suggestions? Thanks again Mark
  15. Hi MEB, Nice and simple again, I like it. Thanks again for the help. By the way, keep doing those little videos, thats a great idea! Thanks folks Mark
  16. Another question then, I need to remove the centre line of the letter B (As circled in the attached image). How can I go about doing this? Mark
  17. Hi Mike, Perfect, so simple I didn't even try that. Thanks for the very speedy response. Mark
  18. Hi Folks, Been a while since I've been on here! Anyway I'm after help yet again. So I'm putting together a logo design for a friend and the design is a full circle with a smaller circle within the outer. However, the inner circle needs to be broken at the bottom... I have attached a couple of rough sketch's that I have done so that you get the idea what I am talking about. Basically what is the best way to create the break in the inner circle? Confused? you will be :huh: :huh: Cheers in advance, because I know you lot will know the answer ;) Mark Logo sketch.pdf
  19. Hi Alfred, Finally got round to trying this and I have at last got it Many thanks for your time and patience Mark
  20. Hi Alfred, Sorry for the late reply, works been manic. Sorry I am still having trouble with steps 5,6 and 7. How do I add a node? and then how do I break the circle. Sorry for all the darts questions but every day is a learning day :D Mark
  21. Hi Folks, Beginner question here. So I've got a logo design Ive done using AD. I'm semi-happy with it and ready to start trying on some mock-up stationary etc. However, whenever I re-size it using the Shift key and dragging the corners in it all goes a bit wrong. The text size doesn't change so ends up massively out of proportion, the shapes Ive created don't decrease in size as they should and it ends up looking a right mess. I'm new to the whole design world and still finding my feet. What is the best process for designing, creating a logo that will go across a multitude of products (Stationary, websites etc) and what is the best way to transfer it onto mock ups without destroying the logo when re-siziing it. Regards Mark
  22. Hi Alfred, I will look into downloading the new Beta. Thank you for your help but I am just having some difficulty with the third set of your instructions, any chance you could simplify them down to a level that a semi intelligent chimp could understand? Thanks again Mark
  23. Thank Alfred, but again I'm having that issue as your file has been done in v1.5.0 and I am running 1.4.3. MEB, if you read this is there any chance you could convert the file again please? Mark
  24. Sorry, Had an issue uploading... Should be attached correctly now. Mark Logo test 1.afdesign
  25. Thank Alfred, Any chance you could help out with my last post I just one above? Mark