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  1. Hi Dan, It have been corrected. It don't hapen any more. Thank you, Allison
  2. +1 It's ennoying. When switching Photo/Publisher/Designer, it make life easier if same command have same shortcut. Allison
  3. Hello, I use windows 10, and I have a simple bug to report. It happens with any of the three V2 apps, with or without any open document... simple to reproduce, at least on my computer. First of it, I use the undocked tools panel and I have set "Z" as shortcut to show/hide it. Then, if I change the setup of the tools, adding or removing any tool, when I close the tools setup panel and I use my "Z" shortcut, it unactivate the app. Next app in the list get the focus. With undocked tools... - show the tools panel - open the setup tools panel - do any change - close the setup tools panel - use the shortcut to hide the tools panel => app switched. Regards, Allison
  4. Hi V_kyr, You're right, the usage may vary, and nothing is realy fixed. On terminals, escape is often used to introduce command. I started with IBM mainframes, and keyboard was just messy. Hoppefully, the not-so-good "102 touch" IBM PC keyboard is now quite a standard. All that comes from computer's phehistory. But it's wrong to say that Ctrl-Enter is a kind of Adobe/Apple standard. Many programs on every system I know use it to valid or commit changes when Enter is not an option. Ctrl-Enter is just a part of the primitive CR/LF terminal command. Allison
  5. Sure. But still that it's strange to use Esc to confirm or comit changes. That's not is usual function. It's not a drama, but it's strange. Ctrl-Enter is more usual to do that. Allison PS: By the way, Ctrl-Enter is a non printing caracter too. ASCII 10 or ASCII 13, depending the system.
  6. I have to desagree. I'm on PCs since the 80's. I'm discovering graphics tools just recently, and I didn't know about Adobe exept for Acrobat until a few years. But the ctrl-enter shortcut was instinctive to me too. Because it is used in the PC Dos/Windows, Unix and even in the old mainframes world. Escape is the "get me out of here" button. It's a common rollback shortcut, it's an ancestor of the cancel button. But for commit an action, the most current shortcut is Ctrl-Enter. It is also frenquently used as a second Enter when Enter is used to go next line. I love Affinity. I had truck load of problems with the Adobe's standard, and I'm so glad I have found something which works way more naturally to me. But, I can't agree about the escape stuff. It is just wrong. Allison
  7. Hi Lee D, I think I have a resource issue. The corrupt problem appears after I used Affinity for some time. I'm making a comic, so I have 46 pages like the one I uploaded. The corrupt problem comes when I have to do a little modification on every pages. But it is not depending on what's running else on my computer, because when I do that, I restart my computer and run Affinity alone. To be sure. Of course, it could come from the system itself, especialy the virus scan tool (free Avast), but I'm more inclined to think there is a resource somewhere which is not released correctly. I'm a C/C++ coder, and I know how easely this happens and what a nightmare it is to find it. Indeed, I think I solved my problem. When I uploaded my page, I realized that my childs images was not linked like I thought, but embedded. I created another discussion to talk about that, and I got a way to solve it. Thus my main documents are no more huges, and it run fine. It's a little early to say it's okay, but it looks so. To help you, I can only say that it comes randomly, always after I open/close a few pages (like 5-6), and it desapear when I restart my computer. Also, when it's happened on one page, it will keep happens on this particular page but not on the others. Not even on a copy of the "corrupted" page. Also, when it's happened one, it will happen more often elsewhere. My personal feeling, is that it's related to something with Windows. A resource not used or released like it should. But this is just a feeling... Allison
  8. Hello Garry, This way it works. I think I got a problem because I imported my documents from Photoshop. It was .psd files, with complexe smart object included. It works, but not very well, for multiple raisons, so I simplified all the process by converting the childs images to .png. After that, I linked the .png inside the converted masters documents, I align and resized it to the right value, and I suppress the smarts objects residuals. It worked fine, but I discover that my linked .png are all embedded. Which is not a good thing, at least because it makes my mains documents too heavy. But also because I want to use linked object in the future. I have corrected that, mainly with copy/paste, so it's okay. I like Affinity, I prefer the user interface than Photoshop, but I'm a little disapointed because I run into many minors bugs. I often have to restart my computer - to free some resource I imagine - and this is bad thing. Hoppefully, I didn't loose data up to now. Maybe it will get beter when I'll now more how to use it. Anyhow, thanks for your help Allison
  9. Thanks N.P.M. Unfortunatly, the second option do not work on my computer. When I check linked, it's show as checked, but it place image embedded just like if it was not checked linked. No idea why. At reverse, if I create a document with the default linked option, then it works. Allison
  10. Thanks a lot Bruce I didn't know you could set it at the creation document. That's great. Could I change that preference when the document is created ? Or should I recreate it and copy/paste stuffs... Allison
  11. Thanks. It works. But I have two issues... First of it, when I place a new .png in a document, it is always embeded. Despite that the linked placement policy is checked. I tried multiple times, this the way it works on my computer. Thanks to N.P.N. the resource manager is what I need to solve that. Second, when I change the .png, it does not import the new release correctly. I get a grey square at the place of my image. But it refresh correctly if I close and reopen the main document. So, it works. ...a last question. Are the path relative or absolute ? I means, if I move the complete file tree, like for a backup, and restore it elsewhere, do it will works ? Allison
  12. Well, yes. But it do not work. It works with .afphoto linked files, but not with linked .png Maybe this is the way it have to be, but I thought I could link any kind of files. Allison
  13. Hi everyone, I'm new to Affinity Photo, I come from Photoshop. I have some troubles with linked .png... As I understand, Affinity's linked file is the feature to replace Photoshop's smart object. But, when I link a .png file in an Affinity main document, and after that I modify the .png file, the modifications are not updated in the main document. Why not ? This happens both when I modify the .png with Affinity Photo or externaly. Indeed, it looks like Affinity Photo have embeded the .png file, despite I choosed the linked placement method. Allison
  14. It was .afphoto files. I created them a few month ago with Photoshop. I switched recently to Affinity Photo, and I converted my work with the open .psd functionality. There was minors errors - mainly with smart object / linked files - but I corrected that easily, and saved in .afphoto format. I share here a file that gives me multiple errors. It's quite heavy, near 1Gb. I didn't put the linked files, because it would reach the limit for the forum. But they are simples .png files that I created with Photoshop too. If you need them, I could try to upload them somewhere. And there is also a special font that I use, and could upload if you need so. (Warning, it's adult content. Don't click if you don't want to see it) 972706390_Rose1-33.afphoto972706390_Rose1-33.afphoto Since I posted my first message in this discussion, something strange happens. I got a corrupted error with the file I share, and I restarted my computer for check. When restarted, it worked fine. No corrupt error anymore. So, I think it was not the file by itself the problem, but something else. I recently reinstalled my operating system (win 10) from Microsoft, I have firewall (rooter) and anti-virus (free avast) tunned quite hard, thus my system should be safe. I know it's never granted, but... Could it be an interaction with some driver or other things like that ? I have a NVidia GTX 1060 6Gb, an Intel i5-3330 3.00GHz and 16Gb DDR3 (2x8Gb Kingston). All of that mounted on a Gygabyte H61MA-D3V motherboard. Old stuffs running fine. The working files are stored localy on the system disk. It is an old SSD drive, not full, not shared (smb is not activate). I don't have problem elsewhere with this disk. The backup files are on externs units that I plug/unplug at need. Thanks for your time, and feel free to ask me more files or informations if it help. Allison
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