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  1. I needed some bar graphs. I can easily do them in Apple Keynote or Numbers. But if I copy and paste from those apps, I get a raster image. I have to export them to PDF and open the PDF. Oddly enough, Microsoft Excel pasting works better. I wouldn't bother with creating charts in Designer if the copy and past from iWork apps worked well.
  2. I wish Affinity Photo could open Kodak Photo CD files (file extension PCD). Old versions of Photoshop could do, it, but did so poorly with the highlights blown out. It's not that common anymore, but I have an entire set of stock photos in that horrible format and no way to read them conveniently.
  3. When I launch either Photo or Designer, I cannot load any files. The options are all grayed out. I can't open or even quit. I am running on OS X El Capitan beta.