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  1. It would be really nice to see some development being done on this area as it feels really tacky having to use workarounds to achieve basic tasks, having all the channels independent from each other would mean that each channel cant interfere with the others. which is perfect for when you need to combine multiple greyscale images in each channel.
  2. So im trying to individually control rgba channels for a project and im running into an issue where if the alpha channel is fully transparent (0) then the pixels loose their rgb colour values, ideally id like them to maintain that colour information so I can still access it later on Running a few searching through google and the forums I am unable to find any information on this, any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Going to bump this because it is an issue that needs to be fixed asap, running version 1.10.5 and just lost a days work because it wouldn't allow me to save the file anywhere, I tried C:/, D:/, E:/, F:/, sub folders, external drives, usb, and yet it still failed to save the file because it could not be written to, after a while of trying to save, it would pop up a message saying it is now corrupt and will need to close, automatically closing my workstation without any way to stop it. Made even greater by the lack of autosave meaning if its gone its gone forever, really wished I just stuck to PS at this point. The steps to replicate this: Open affinity designer -> make file -> save file -> "failed to save document, save failed because the file could not be written to" I know its not to do with any interfering software as I have tried it on a clean install of windows as well. Any other apps will save bar affinity's collection.
  4. would be really nice to have more insight on this, especially with the rate that dds file format is being more preferred with game engines and renderers. it also is great to be able to manipulate mipmaps and its a shame to not see dds being supported, or even discussed higher up.
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