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  1. Thank you for letting me know. Fingers crossed it is solved soon as I am in the process of cancelling PS subscription to commit to CO and AP combo. 😅
  2. Hi, I know people have been discussing this but I have not found a solution and would be grateful for some help. When I use Focus Merge I can see the Sources Pane clearly and can click on it to operate within that pane but if I click on any buttons such as the clone tool in the main window, all the source images disappear. I have enabled Sources in the Studio menu and I can see the Sources box but it is empty of the source images. Any suggestions please? PS I am on 1.10.5
  3. Hi and thank you @Ron P.. Yes, I think you are right. If I create a new pixel layer as you have described and apply a filter to it, then the effect of the filter will be limited to that position in the layer stack and can therefore be deleted later (by deleting the pixel layer). I will give it a go. I did try before but some of the filters I tried did not seem to want to apply to pixel layers (some seem to make there own). I think it will be because I may not have set the parameter of the pixel layer as you have described. Anyway, that is extremely helpful, thank you and the question can be regarded as solved!
  4. Hi, newbie here, trying to learn Affinity Photo. Sorry if duplicated question. I have a helpful guide "Essential Affinity Photo" by Robin Whalley. It refers to older versions c 2019. He describes how to create a Stamp Layer to avoid destructive edits when applying Filters. The function seems to be absent in AP 1.10.4. Is this because the filters are no longer destructive (I notice some (but not all) work on a separate layer) or is there another way of achieving the same thing as a Stamp Layer?
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