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  1. Thanks. This will, then, delay our adoption of Affinity Photo. We've lost Aperture (no longer supported by Apple) and aren't interested in a subscription-based cloud-required plan like the one Adobe is pushing, so we're a bit stuck when it comes to handling workflow for professional photography, where a routine job might require editing 2000 images quickly and efficiently. Have you announced an introduction date for your new software solution? For now, it looks like we'll use Aperture a while longer (support or no) along with the older versions of Photoshop that don't require subscription and some plugins/standalones we've had forever (Topaz, Portrait Professional).
  2. I'm brand new, coming from Aperture. In Aperture, we can hit Command+Shift+C to copy the color, vignetting, sharpness parameters, etc., from one file to another file or group of files. Is that possible with Affinity, and how? We're also able to develop multiple versions of one file, keeping most parameters in place and adding another for a second version, without affecting the original file. We can export selected versions as JPGs, etc., without flattening the original or requiring endless duplication of the original. Possible with Affinity, and how? Is there a tutorial that addresses this, and where? Thanks!!! david