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  1. Hi, there is one thing I miss from Illustrator and it's the ability to attach scripts, or some metadata, to elements; layers or groups of layers. It's helpful when creating interactive SVGs. Of course it's possible by naming layer/group and edit the code of the exported SVG but it becomes repetitive when you open the SVG again and the code is stripped of the additional code. So the option to have some extra content in the code of an element and keep it intact on re-opening or saving the document, would be terrific. It does not have to do anything, just a field to type som extra attributes to the element and keep them throughout the workflow.
  2. Hi The size of slices issue can be worked around with a rectangle with no fill and no stroke. But it could be handy to be able to export sets of layers with same size and even a common set of layers. Like when making icons for devices with a common frame but various images taking name from the image layer. Great tool getting better :-)