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  1. InDesign does it and it is very simple and it would be managed by what Name you give the parent layer, InDesign layers also have child sub-layers which are the content/objects (unique to each page) and the parent layers are consistent across all the pages and this is what makes content draw order control extremely simple and quick to edit at a late stage of a project which is often the case. I.e. page numbers go on a global a parent layer called page numbers, and so on for other object types.... and if the draw order / layer stack need to be adjusted later on so that they don't get obstructed - then you drag the page number layer above others as needed no matter which page you were viewing and problem solved Attached is a typical global layer stack structure I use for all my documents
  2. +1 Q: is there a way to properly vote on feature requests?
  3. Please revise the layers system so that the layers are global - as in Indesign If all my text frames are on a layer called "Text" and all my images are on a layer called "Images" and page numbers on a layer called Folio and so on it saves a huge amount of time with organising your entire documents draw order behavior ( follow the example of how InDesign works ) Another example workflow case is , often I create a layer called "Comments" on the top of the layer stack which I place comment text frames ontop of the content that needs to be resolved and once all done I switch the comment layer off and then PDF.
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