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  1. any news on this one? It really does happen an awful lot of the time - very frustrating.
  2. Phew - doubts about my personal sanity are now, well… in check.
  3. I think it's bug - hard to tell. Thanks for the "Edit All Layers" - didn't realize that was a thing. But doesn't seemed to have helped. And I've unlocked all sub layers. But the problem seems to be intermittant, i just cant' work out what is making the difference. SO sigh… have had to go back to ai to get the job done (also fore the multiple artboards and pasteboard) - which I HATE. Gonna keep at this though.
  4. This one is driving me crazy, particularly as AD's freehand-like selection savvyness is one of the things i really love about the app. I have this world map with african countries on one layer, the rest on another (and a third layer for text). I want to scale the whole world up, so africa fills more of the artboard, but I can't select-all, 'move' is effectively stuck as 'pan'. Is this a bug or what stupd thing am i missing. A bit urgent this one! I really don't want to resort to using ai to do something so basic. thanks video elements 1.afdesign
  5. As a passionate and despairing freehand user (is there any other kind?) I'd like to +999 for this. I'm really, really excited at the potential for affinity - particularly that it takes FH's principle of being able to do both drawing and layout in the same file (if not app) and takes it further adding image editing. So as someone very typographically focussed i look forward to seeing the layout beta, and seeing how typographic tools grow in the designer/drawing app. But yes - I have a swag of FH files, as do a large community of users so we're looking forward to being able to pick th
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