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  1. I have regular problems with editing slices In that once slices are created they can't be transformed / edited, as per the guide video if I try to grab the corners to resize or middle to move with the slice tool, i get a red line on the top of the slice and it tries to create a new slice. A fresh file with a simple square object doesn't have this problem but most of my work files do (sample attached) The whole area of slices and persona modality I feel is not well served with documentation I hear mention of 'linked' slices but can't find what means i'm guessing its a way of link
  2. my rant moved to https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/14780-artboards-feedback
  3. I'm having general trounle releasing (apparent) compounds. I've attached an example created in the latest beta, using expand stroke, but this happens in release too. If I copy the element into ai I can release compounds there, but not in AD. ids proving to be a bit of a productivity hit, so would be nice to see it fixed. (also BTW - would be good to have key shortcuts baked in for the compounds commands) compound issue AD.afdesign
  4. The padlock icon is ambiguous, - in default unlocked state it, it could be locked. LOCKED it gets a background. Now that I look at ai and ps, the're not much better - they toggle between nothing (hiding the function) and a lock. This may seem trivial but I'm constantly am confused as to the state of my layers / elements. Best I think would be: unlocked: Dimmed 'open shank padlock' icon locked: solid 'locked shank padlock' icon Thoughts anyone?
  5. A rather depressing set of results from Khoi Vihn's survey big enough to have motivated him to make it a microsite. AD seems completely absent. (I did my part, in fact the esteemed Mr Vihn wrote to me personally to find out more about Affinity. I think he rather wrote it off as just for Freehand devotees (which it is true, I do still carry a flame for FH - but am no longer trying to actually run). Hoping marketing can make a bit of a dent there, anyway.
  6. Am I missing some way to do this without creating separate arrow head objects? If not would be a simple feature to pop in the todo list? (after big canvas, artboards!)
  7. Great to see you here Clint - isn't this the most wonderful app? (veery freehand at heart I have to say) At least it will be when artboards and big canvas comes on stream, but already my #1 goto design app.

    1. Clint


      Hey Tim, there's a bug with mine... Unable to save file due to weird permissions error, even after a clean install of OS X Yosemite, which I had hoped would solve the persistent problem. As a result, I've never been able to use the app even once. Argh

  8. Great to see you here Clint - isn't this the most wonderful app? (veery freehand at heart I have to say) At least it will be when artboards and big canvas comes on stream, but already my #1 goto design app.

  9. After using AD for a few months now I still forget where to open the right sidebar thingie - which is apparently called "UI" and specifically layers. Here are my beefs: UI is too general a name - something KB Shortcut for UI should be more obvious There should be a button to show hide "UI" at the top for newbs Layers panels usually needs to be very tall, I want to dock it side by side to the other UI panels - docked, not free floating And therefore separate button / KB shortcut for layers Much of this is more or less (sans docking to workframe) illy UX, if I remember right, and it
  10. i've been doing more exporting images to web of late, which has seen me hopping between personas a lot more. And stewing. A lot. My reference point vis a vis slices management is FIreworks, which for all of it's many flaws, does several things reasonably well: display and editing of slices, guides and graphic elements simultaneously Export of 8 Bit PNG images with alpha transparency With AD, if I'm trying to optimise elements for better pixel level precision, or even just ensure that multiple elements are fitting multiple slices of a consistant size, there is no way to see or edit tho
  11. I'm not sure why this is so poorly supported across design apps - even Photoshop (at least on the versions I own) doesn't have it and the only straightforward game in town seems to be Fireworks. These days, most of my exported files for web site themes are 8 Bit PNG with alpha transparency. it just makes sense. And it's quite a wrench to the workflow to have to jump out of AD just to make these conversions and manual optimisations in another app. There is quite an efficiency hot as it's not just a matter of running a conversion script, each file has to be individually reoptimized fro
  12. Just how illustrator and freehand do, but as of yet not on affinity. If I have a bunch of elements on the page and say i decide to switch typefaces in the evolution of the brand Identity, in affinity i have to do this one by one over and over again. Hopefully this will be a quick fix for you folks. Note the freehand implementation is of course better - it allows selecting any old thing(s) (text, group, mixture of elements) and there is still facility to change the font - whatever type is within that selection will get changed. Of course I could go on and ask for styles etc b
  13. Somewhere on the list can we have a GUI artboard / document sizing? Like Fireworks, photoshops crop with capacity to crop larger? (or illustrator, FH's artboard sizing tools) Am often building free form collections of elements and need to just resize the artboard in an intuitive way without thinking about units, origin points etc. But not as important as … many other things. T
  14. (not a feature, a simple change) I LOVED that affinity assumes you don't want to screw with typography during transforms, so that shift isn't required to constrain XY during transform. But then it blows that by being inconsistent on shape or curve transforms, which does my head in. This would be a simple change to make consistent across the board, and I can't see any good reason to not. Thanks again for this great app.
  15. We want's it. That is all. I'm figuring this might actually be an easy one. And I do really really miss this facility.. It's the sort of thing that one wants at the heart of the creative process, so it's very jarring to have to go to another app in the middle of the act, as it were - which may lose various affinity nicenesses. TIA.
  16. This was a great feature within Freehand - which I AFAIK illy doesn't have - would tie in well with affinities great focus on node level productivity and power.
  17. mmm - may have spoken too soon its definitely better - but not consistent - still trying to establish the variables
  18. wow - sorry - must have missed the memo First impressions with the beta are that it fixes the problem - ie specific unselectable element are now selectable and transformable when opened in the beta. SO so far… thanks!
  19. can't paste the wavy water shape inside the outlined text. As ciose as I get is adding the two outlines together Sample attached paste inside issue AD.afdesign
  20. Thanks for the update Matt - much appreciated. I understand the desire to roll out a substantive feature upgrade - and when I use AD I get (something of) a clear sense of how much extra work must have gone in to make AD's implementations so demonstrably better than any other app I've used (frequently including FH, which is saying something). I guess I'd want (from the sidelines) to suggest that rolling out bugfix dot-dot-dot update might be worth the bother of the forking required, for an issue as pervasive as this one. But whatev's - looking forward to it when it comes. (that would
  21. I believe I mentioned "for any typeface" - so it's not corridor - also tried system fonts like arial. But no drama - it hasn't repeated much - unlike the Can't Transform Bug (sorry to be late back on this - didn't notice the replies)
  22. Being a typography junkie, i'm often switching to the type tools. Trouble is I usually end up with the one I DON'T want - mostly the Type Art Tool. when I want the Text Box. The simple answer is to set modifier keys for alternative tools - so "T" might be Text Box, and "Shift-T" = Text-Art - or vis a versa… And similar for the other non-type tool variations. This one should be a snap for the next release, without distracting from the serious stuff like multi artboards. TIA!
  23. Hi - pester pester - this is SO constant I can't believe it hasn't been patched within a week, let alone three weeks. Driving me bonkers - I SOOO want to use this app but almost anything I do triggers this issue and I have to reopen the file not once, but at least twice to be able to use it again. Here in the trenches, we could use a little hope!
  24. I simply can't type. Mostly. Ugh - reluctant as I am to say this, I experience too many simple critical bugs to be able to seriously use AD at this point. Latest is when i went to make up a simple neighbourhood notice. (sample attached) For any typeface, on both word text frame and text art modes, typing doesn't work - the cursor blinks ominously but doesn't actually move or render anything. Briefly the app did allow me to do this, as on the sample file, but thereafter not again. And so I have to go back to AI again. Not happy - I have very much wanted to recommend A
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