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    Twitchy Cloning

    Thanks rsi.studio - cmd j and then constrain is a decent workaround WHILE THIS FINALLY GETS FIXED. i'm still cleaning up gunked up files - with LOTs of 10x clones. For the devs - I have noticed this appears to happen sometimes if the rendering is slow and I'm just moving elements. Its a very circular issue cos the rendering is sometimes slow because of hundreds of unwanted clones. But if for whatever reason… sometimes the rendering is v slow, cloning can occur. IN my case I think it's mostly the main bug, but somtimes a move that renders very slow - will create a clone.
  2. Tim Gummer

    Twitchy Cloning

    That's really helpful to know Andy - and yes, like Ronny this is driving me / has driven me around the bend. Its the biggest productivity killer I know. Even more than social media! Please do make it a priority - it's well past time it was fixed. T
  3. Tim Gummer

    Twitchy Cloning

    Truth is - that I just can't find any pattern. Sorry to be so late following up but I have been looking for cause > effect and not finding colleration! So no single reproducable set of steps to recreate this issue - though its very common for me, and as i understand also happens for others. The only common element is it tends to be in relatively complex layups with a lot of layers generally. I don't believe I'm inadvertantly applying modifier keys - I do use shift quote a bit to constrain / unconstrain. I use option a lot when i'm intentionally cloning. that's it. But it really does drive me crazy: I'll be about to output a pdf and see badly aliased text - then find that's because it's cloned 3-4 times, then the filled curve behind is cloned a dozen times. This is No way to work and it's plaguing my most important projects. What to do next?
  4. i've been doing more exporting images to web of late, which has seen me hopping between personas a lot more. And stewing. A lot. My reference point vis a vis slices management is FIreworks, which for all of it's many flaws, does several things reasonably well: display and editing of slices, guides and graphic elements simultaneously Export of 8 Bit PNG images with alpha transparency With AD, if I'm trying to optimise elements for better pixel level precision, or even just ensure that multiple elements are fitting multiple slices of a consistant size, there is no way to see or edit those things in one view. So I have to jump back to draw persona, nudge things a bit, maybe pull down a ruler and hope it matches slice borders, go back to export persona to view slices and see if my guesses were close, then repeat, ad infininitum. Clearly what is needed is to allow editing of elements in export persona. Oh, and 8 bit alpha PNG exports. Cheers T
  5. I'm working in a Sketch shop and have to supply sketch files as deliverables - or at least for archive purposes. Copy/Paste from AD appears true visually so that's great. problem is that my careful organisation and labelling of elements in AD is lost. Given that Affinity is making a big play for UI use in 1.5, I think tidying up this part of the realworld workflow that many of us in this area have to deal with, is essential. Sketch has such a grip on this area, we need to be able to deliver editable files that are organized ande make sense to Sketch users. Obviously it's impractical to relabel everything on export, then do it again (once would be beyond practical) on the next export. Hoping this isn't a big ask - given the structure is there already - its just the labelling that's getting lost (I think)
  6. Still hanging out for this one - diving into layers is something I'm doing all the time and a right-click is a productivity hit to do that often.
  7. AD is always very 'generous' in creating extra elements when I never asked for them. This is without option dragging or duplicating as a command. Result is I go to move something there are 3 copies underneath. Or because of the same... apparent transparency get's thickened up when i don't want. I've been getting this since the earliest version (I'm an early AD adopter), just put up with it but now we're 1.5 - really this shouldn't be happening Not sure where bugs get posted, can't believe others haven't had this issue. Can this be fixed soon please, or is there something I may be doing to create it? (Running on El Capitan.)
  8. Tim Gummer

    Twitchy Cloning

    ah - ok thanks - saw that and what I now I see is a subform - "closed" - thought the entire bugs section was closed - so that was confusing. Also searched for previous posts and didn't find anything, but good to know!
  9. I hit a bug with IE9-11 browsers which need their svg backgrounds to have elements with explicit dimensions EG: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?><!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SVG 1.1//EN" "http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/1.1/DTD/svg11.dtd"><svgwidth="1446px" height="1397px" viewBox="0 0 2600 1397" rather than <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?><!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SVG 1.1//EN" "http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/1.1/DTD/svg11.dtd"><svgwidth="100%" height="100%" viewBox="0 0 2600 1397" which it currently produces. Is there a way to do this currently, or could that be added in soon? IT's a real headache to have to hand code a whole bunch of (multi breakpoint) output files, after every slice output - eg on this project there's about 16 to do each time. FYI the source on the IE bug is at here on stackexchange. Thanks!
  10. oops thanks Dave - my mistake now corrected by edit within the original post. To clarify - AD is outputting element width and height of 100%
  11. (not a feature, a simple change) I LOVED that affinity assumes you don't want to screw with typography during transforms, so that shift isn't required to constrain XY during transform. But then it blows that by being inconsistent on shape or curve transforms, which does my head in. This would be a simple change to make consistent across the board, and I can't see any good reason to not. Thanks again for this great app.
  12. I've come to understand slicing AD better but i'm still enormously frustrated, relative to how I used to work in Fireworks (apart from it's bugginess). scaling/moving artwork objects under slices (in export persona) opt-drag cloning slices 8bit png alpha tranparency scaling/moving artwork objects under slices (in export persto use ona) My main problem is that AD presumes I will scale slices relative to layers. Actually frequently I need to scale layers (objects) to confirm with slices. IE the slices provide a visual grid that i need to confirm to. To achieve this now I either load up countless guides, or (and this is true, i really do this) - I take a snapshot of the export persona and paste it in as a guide within the draw persona. The way Fireworks behaved, or at least was meant to behave (god that thing was buggy), was far far better. opt-drag cloning slices 8bit png alpha tranparency ...These latter two being self explanatory Am I missing anything here? TIM Note previous queries about non-intuitive slices UI at https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/9881-slices-and-export/
  13. Tim Gummer

    Slices and export

    thanks - I meant to say this was really helpful T
  14. Tim Gummer

    Slices and export

    I have regular problems with editing slices In that once slices are created they can't be transformed / edited, as per the guide video if I try to grab the corners to resize or middle to move with the slice tool, i get a red line on the top of the slice and it tries to create a new slice. A fresh file with a simple square object doesn't have this problem but most of my work files do (sample attached) The whole area of slices and persona modality I feel is not well served with documentation I hear mention of 'linked' slices but can't find what means i'm guessing its a way of linking slices to layer objects so they will rescale but really - can't find any help or anything in the UI Driving me nuts this is - please help. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nrys0np5o193suq/Affinity%20slices%20issue%20WFs%20sample%203.afdesign?dl=0
  15. my rant moved to https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/14780-artboards-feedback
  16. Tim Gummer

    Can't Release Compounds

    I'm having general trounle releasing (apparent) compounds. I've attached an example created in the latest beta, using expand stroke, but this happens in release too. If I copy the element into ai I can release compounds there, but not in AD. ids proving to be a bit of a productivity hit, so would be nice to see it fixed. (also BTW - would be good to have key shortcuts baked in for the compounds commands) compound issue AD.afdesign
  17. The padlock icon is ambiguous, - in default unlocked state it, it could be locked. LOCKED it gets a background. Now that I look at ai and ps, the're not much better - they toggle between nothing (hiding the function) and a lock. This may seem trivial but I'm constantly am confused as to the state of my layers / elements. Best I think would be: unlocked: Dimmed 'open shank padlock' icon locked: solid 'locked shank padlock' icon Thoughts anyone?
  18. A rather depressing set of results from Khoi Vihn's survey big enough to have motivated him to make it a microsite. AD seems completely absent. (I did my part, in fact the esteemed Mr Vihn wrote to me personally to find out more about Affinity. I think he rather wrote it off as just for Freehand devotees (which it is true, I do still carry a flame for FH - but am no longer trying to actually run). Hoping marketing can make a bit of a dent there, anyway.
  19. YES! - please - but in the meantime could someone tell me how this "drag and drop to a color point" thing is supposed to be working? Because I can't get any kinda eyedropping working at all.
  20. fantastic folks - Yes - if we stop and consider the filesize/tranparency value of this PNG alpha, and it's consequent ubiquity - its just weird how many hoops one has to go through to actually use it. So that will be very very good to have OOTB in AD. Of course it's possible that adobe eventually incorporated PNG alpha into photoshop/ai, but I wouldn't know as I have avoided CC cloud like the plague that it is upon the creative sector.
  21. the thing most design app grids miss is gutters - without that they're just alignment tools. The reality is that that grids, as originated by Muller-Brockman in the 30s(?) 0 anyway a very long time ago are totally based around gutters - ideally corresponding to the the baseline but the reality of dynamic web content makes total baseline gridding a bit of a stretch
  22. I'm not sure why this is so poorly supported across design apps - even Photoshop (at least on the versions I own) doesn't have it and the only straightforward game in town seems to be Fireworks. These days, most of my exported files for web site themes are 8 Bit PNG with alpha transparency. it just makes sense. And it's quite a wrench to the workflow to have to jump out of AD just to make these conversions and manual optimisations in another app. There is quite an efficiency hot as it's not just a matter of running a conversion script, each file has to be individually reoptimized from 24 bit with transparency down to 8 bit, selecting the colours etc Please could this one be a priority? T
  23. I hate to add, you know, like anything really because you know… #Artboards/CanvasFirstPlease! but i am almost every day very much feeling the need for alpha 8bit png export. The greatest tedium in my life (probably) is having to go into fireworks to do that - totally undermines the delightfully live smooth exporting flow you've set up there. And I've never understood the lack of 8-bit alpha png support right across graphics apps… given their absolute necessity for everything (albeit that SVG will eventually reign supreme) Is there any specific reason why 8bit alpha png can't be supported?
  24. Am I missing some way to do this without creating separate arrow head objects? If not would be a simple feature to pop in the todo list? (after big canvas, artboards!)
  25. plus one on… "I just can't express enough how important it is to implement the pasteboard area & multiple pages" and thanks for all the graphical gratification in the meantime - life in a post Freehand designing world was almost too grim to go on with, you AD popped up.