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  1. I would like to add my vote in support of this request. Something that is sorely needed for Windows OS users are more drawing/painting applications with minimal interfaces for tablet use. I already use my tablet for the desktop applications already, but if there was some type of "tablet mode" that I could switch to while on my windows PC that would be a game changer. I wouldn't need to consider other applications such as Leonardo, which are more tablet friendly-I could stay with Affinity Trinity for all my needs.
  2. @Hens Yeah, I guess its a lot easier to show what is happening vs. describing it. I just wanted to bring it to someone's attention, in case no one else had reported it so it can hopefully get resolved. Thanks!
  3. @R C-R I tried what you suggested and that didn't work either. Every time I go back into preferences to check that "D" is set as that shortcut, the field is cleared. It doesn't retain it. Not sure why, when it works fine in Affinity Photo.
  4. @Hens During the pauses, where my cursor is just resting on the document page, I am pressing the "D" key repeatedly. It seems to be not saving the "D" shortcut when I bind it, because every time I go back the shortcut field is empty. I do not experience this issue when I set the "D" key in Affinity Photo. D Shortcut not working_Affinity Designer.mp4
  5. @smadell Thanks for uploading the screenshot, that was helpful. I was trying to make the wells default to black and white in "Affinity Designer", not "Affinity Photo". Just to compare the two, (to isolate the problem) I attempted to set the "D" shortcut in Affinity Photo and it worked just fine. I can't say the same for Affinity Designer, I set it exactly as I did in Affinity Photo and it still doesn't work. I changed both the stroke and fill wells to different colors (not black and white) and tried pressing my assigned "D" key shortcut in both the "Designer Persona" and "Pixel Persona" in Affinity Designer and nothing happened. Something interesting that I'm noticing, is when I go back into the preferences panel to reaffirm that my "D" shortcut is correct, the text-field is empty. I did this several times, double-checking that I assigned the "D" key, and every time I go back into preferences the text-field has been reset/cleared. So its not saving the shortcut, even though I performed the same action in Affinity Photo and it worked perfectly. @R-C-R that's good to know, thank you.
  6. @R C-R yes, I'm referring to the two wells in the Tools Panel. But I'm not sure why the distinction, because the fill and stroke in the tools panel vs. the context toolbar vs. in the Color panel are all pointing to the same thing. I tried closing the program and reopening and then rebinding the shortcut to "D", restarting my computer and it still doesn't work.
  7. I did that, it didn't work for me. I have a windows trial version of affinity designer. @R C-R
  8. Oh and one other thing I wanted to mention in case the development team doesn't already know about this, is the keyboard shortcut "D" doesn't seem to work. It should be defaulting my fill and stroke to black and white in Affinity Designer, but it doesn't do anything. I went to edit my keyboard shortcuts and the field for "Set Fill to Black and White" under the Miscellaneous drop-down was empty by default. Really should be "D", so I set it to the "D" key and closed the Preferences panel and it still doesn't work. To isolate the issue, I tried to set another keyboard shortcut to "exit" with the "`" (Tilde key) and that worked just fine. Thanks!
  9. okay, that answers my question perfectly. Thank you Walt for your help. I appreciate it.
  10. I'm aware that I would need to "do something to it". I am transitioning from Adobe CC, so I am very familiar with how this type of software works. Okay....that is really weird. I was just in the Develop Persona minutes ago adjusting sliders (i.e. such as the exposure and brightness) and nothing was changing, I reopened the program now and suddenly everything is working-so bizarre. Nevermind then... And in regards to the Studio Link, I understand it is a function of Publisher, but to clarify if I only have Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher will Studio Link still allow you to use Affinity Designer within Publisher if you do not also own Affinity Photo? Or will the entire Studio Link feature be grayed out or disabled in some way if you don't own all three programs? Thanks again!
  11. I'm not sure if this issue has been previously addressed, but I am using the trial version of Affinity Photo to see if I should purchase it during y'all's Black Friday Sale. None of the other personas in Affinity Photo seem to be working. I see no visual changes to my image when entering the Liquify, Develop, or Tone Mapping Personas. Not really sure how this could be the case, but I'm not willing to buy the product during y'all's discounted sale if entire sections of the software are not working properly for me to test them. Also, if I purchase just Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher, will the Studio Link feature still work between those respective applications, or do I have to own all three in order for Studio Link to work? Thank you in advance for any clarity you can bring to the situation. All the best!
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