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  1. Oh, sorry, I came to the forum to delete my question and totally forgot I should've posted the answer.


    Paul explained that the 'share' button will produce image sizes as defined in the export module.  So if you choose say to save a jpeg with 2048px on the long side and high quality, that's what you get and that's what will be shared.

  2. <<I guess you mean the view of the brush-"presets"? You just want to show its small "symbol" not the line-preview for displaying more brushes in a role?  >>. Exactly, I d9nt need to see all those brush strokes for most brushes.  More display preferences just as with PS brushes.


    I too would like to see a better way of moving and organizing brushes.    I’m going to create a favorites category for now.




  3. True yet photoshop offers the display I’m looking for and it’s super useful if you have lots of brushes, which I do, as I’m trying to more artistic looks and learn digital panting.  It’s not one or the other, but the option to display the tools in a way that suits different users better.  The way they are now, I can barely see 6-7 brushes in a category  of brushes  in my 13” laptop, unless I move the panel away, which then takes a lot of real estate in my workspace.

    3 hours ago, R C-R said:

    Some brushes have neither a distinctive icon nor a distinctive name in the Brushes panel, & some of the icons are so faint they are barely visible. Because of that, I wonder if an icon-only view would be very useable.


  4. On 1/27/2018 at 10:26 AM, v_kyr said:

    What you reference (Force 1 macros) is a different macro pack which is/was applied by Serif themselve and still can be found to be downloaded from their website. The OP here intead was looking after a macro which is part and came along with the Epic Skies overlay image set from an uplift offer for Affinity.

    No, I got what he’s looking for.  Just saying that when I click on the Force 1 macros link in the welcome screen,  I’m taking to download the latest uplift macro pack released with 1.6 (not sure why). Maybe he wants to try that.  


    I clicked on on it because I’m actually looking for the Force 1 macros, when I lost, but instead the welcome Window link took me to the Uplift pack.   Ended up on this forum post when searching for the Force 1 pack.

  5. When I open Affinity (in a Mac),  if you click on the arrows of the photos on the Welcome Screen, there's an offer for Force 1 macros. ( I was looking for those, which I downloaded, but never installed and can't find the files.)


    On clicking on that Force 1 link to download those macros (from Affinity 1.5), I was taken to a page to download the macros that came with version 1.6, which is what you're looking for.  It may work for you. 

  6. Sorry if this was asked before, but I couldn't even a forum search option.  (may need more coffee)


    The smudge brush does not have a blend mode option like the paint or other brushes have.  How do you go about using the smudge brush if you'd like say, darker for blend mode, for animal fur contour?


    I also noticed that the mixer paint brush does not have an option for "wet".    Does this mean that every time I load pain in my brush, I can only load the same amount?  Any way around this?


  7. How do I restore all defaults in MacOS High Sierra?  I'm having all sorts of trouble with Affinity Photo.  I stopped using it for a while. Yesterday, I tried doing the very simple thing of inverting a mask from white to black, cmd+I wouldn't work.   I also noticed issues with painting a mask so today I tried following a quick mask tutorial (just in case I was doing something wrong).  Can't paint a mask with the brush  on a duplicate pixel layer, created with cmd+J, or on the unlocked background layer.

    Anyway, I deleted the app and downloaded it again hoping it'd restore all defaults as in first installation.  Nope, everything is still the same and stuck on the painting issue above (the invert mask was working again with  cmd+i before the re-install).


    With Photoshop, opening while holding down Cmd+Option+Shift would restore all defaults.  Tried this just in case, but doesn't work with Affinity Photo.  How do I do this please?  Thanks.

  8. Is this still the case with the new version of Photo that came out in September ?  Watching a video tutorial yesterday, the lady said she preferrred to use NEW layer with mask because it allowed her to go back to edit the mask but didn’t explain how.  I tried but couldn’t, at least in the selection persona.  

  9. On 6/28/2017 at 10:48 AM, jhoy said:

    Did exactly that.  It works, some times and only for a short time.   I can neither paint with my pencil nor my finger.  I'm following an Affinity Photo for iPad tutorial step by step.  After many tries, I gave up and googled it--that's how I found this forum post.

    How do we report this directly to Serif?


    Hi Ladycarolineartist


    To get the quick mask effect could you do this please.


    With your image open go into the selections persona.

    From the commands menu select selection as layer, toggle "edit selection as layer" gives the quick mask.

    Go into the Photo persona.

    Use the paint brush tool to paint your outline (making sure white is selected).

    Use the flood fill tool to file the selection.

    Go into the selection persona.

    From the commands menu select selection as layer, toggle "edit selection as layer" to turn of the quick mask.

    Go back into the Photo persona where you will have your selection.