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  1. Designer 1.9 beta can search colour and thus you can replace all same colours at same go.
  2. Probably mixed resampling and resizing and physical size and size in pixels.
  3. DAM devs and browser builders should humble down and accept the use of system preview services. Not all files need to be interpreted to create proprietary previews.
  4. So add white space either manually with crop tool or numerically with Canvas size -command. Simple save will overwrite your old file with 100% quality JPEG. With Export you can choose quality/size ratio. Admittedly people say AP JPEG quality is not the best so for best quality/size ratio other tools are better.
  5. I use little app called ContactSheetMaker if I need that function (which is very seldom I admit)
  6. Well, my MBP has native resolution 1280 x 800 which is fairly low, and Affinity is useable. In graphic work of course more resolution is better so I recommend getting external display of 1920 x 1200 or better, but that is because working is easier, not because Affinity has some technical demands.
  7. Swatches and eyedropper functions are.... well something I do not fully understand in AP. But if you just want to pick a colour from image to a text layer there is no need to play with swatches (though it would be a good work flow), just select text layer, change to eyedropper in Toolbox, click right colour in image layer.
  8. Try to create a page. Maximum size depends on DPI. With 100 DPI max size seems to be 65,024 m x 65,024 m, or 213,333 ft x 213,333 ft. You can test how responsive that feels. I would think with vector art and text there should be no problem.
  9. You have to use eyedropper tool to pick/apply colour from image.
  10. You mean KDP is always CMYK process regardless if the content is just greyscale, or as in this case, greyscale images printed as four colour plates?
  11. Sorry, I could not repeat the problem. Now it seems to work so it was one time glitch.
  12. Many tools like Jutoh use DOCX as starting point and very easily import DOCX to reflowable container. Thus it does not matter – page based layout is ignored on import.
  13. Would just making background white instead of transparent do what you need? File > Document setup > Colour > Transparent background <off>.
  14. I got about the same result when I opened old EPS containing a repeating bitmap. Looked good in AD, but when exported to PDF or copied to InDesign did not repeat, only one bitmap rectangle in fill area corner.
  15. Photographers usually try to get that fade out look, not to remove it... But haze removal filter seems just to make hills bluish. Clarily filter layer brings out details which may be preferable.
  16. Hmmm. My experience is that perspective tool does not crop but uses current canvas area. Usually perspective controls are used such way that important image area stays within canvas (dragging control points also in, not always out), (and transparent parts can be inpainted after). Using perspective tool as Live filter (Layer>New Live Filter Layer>Distort>Perspective..) keeps areas that fall behind canvas area and you can recover those by "uncropping" canvas with crop tool. You might want to try that. (It is fully possible that I did not understand the problem.)
  17. That would be an easy batch conversion operation (if any conversion problems does not pop up).
  18. DPI does not matter. Resolution is set to what FB recommends (820 X 312). Thus FB should not resample, but probably will recompress to JPEG anyway which may affect clarity.
  19. I would not let images go through MS Word or use any screencaptured images in a book...
  20. Funny thing is that PhotoPersona tries very hard to be non-destructive, but Develop Persona is NOT. BassAckwards compared to most other software solutions. Really the point s that RAW developer is one function, DAM is another and pixel editor is yet another. I am not sure Affinity has working plan for this whole set.
  21. Places fine to Publisher, Designer does not do it and is not even meant to.
  22. Command-T is of not much use as long as free transform is not available... (though perspective tool can substitute somewhat) Text tool has never been a trouble for me (but then I find PS text tool clumsy too) CMD-click always makes pixel selection out of a layer, regardless the tool. No trouble for me... True, PS way is neater. Affinity does this with ALT+SHIFT+CMD+N which is quite a collection of keys. On the other hand PS creates background layer and pastes clipboard as a new layer which is not neat. (Not to mention I get often clipboard contents pasted as smart object w
  23. That is a nice one. You can also cut path with Context Toolbar action Break Curve but as I seldom use toolbars it is a bit harder to access than simple knife tool. It is though possible to assign a kbd shortcut to it.
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