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  1. Is it really an issue? TIFF LZW compression is generally very compatible with all applications.
  2. I think if you try to export or drag image from Apple Photo it exports a developed version. If you want to export RAW as it is there should be a different command for it. I do not use Apple Photo so I cannot check this. Affinity Photo does not show file size, except an estimate in export dialog. File size depends a lot about file format (which includes compression settings etc).
  3. Also the new Vectorize! for mac is pretty good, not too many params to adjust though. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/vectorize/id1520204499
  4. You have to use Spread setup to change certain params of the layout. It is right next to Document setup. You can replace images using Document>Resource Manager.
  5. You can export them one by one. Just set the area: to selection. No batch output though.
  6. No app store gif app has support for layered PSD files (I am not sure if I have sampled them all ...but so far). Normal workflow is to create animation frames as layers and take that file to animation software for gif creation. No support for this. Tahoma app (or Krita, or just PS) seem to be the only way to do it. These simple gif apps just do not have functionality.
  7. Creating a perfect zen circle takes years of practicing and daily meditation. You can though do a very good fake using firstdefence's method.
  8. Publisher 1.9beta has PDF passthrough feature and it should work pretty well.
  9. Usually it is enough to let export to PDF handle image resampling. It does not though sharpen images, so it may be worthwhile to resample and sharpen images separately anyway if size change is substantial... (I wish Publisher would optionally sharpen in export, as it would make workflow much smoother.)
  10. This is 60 px wide, first AP and second PS exported. I do not think either is very blurry. Another thing is if there is need to show all details.. and here PS resampled with more contrast: And here AP resampled with even more contrast:
  11. Now that is a choice between compressed and uncompressed image. TIF is uncompressed and can be opened and saved repeatedly without losing quality. OK, TIF is LOSLESS, while usually has simple compression.
  12. There are some type utilities that allow loading uninstalled fonts and applying these rapidly to test phrase. It has been years since I did that kind of work so I do not know which tools are best currently. You can also make a group of fonts in font manager app and access that group in Designer or Publisher if you can select right candidates in font manager. You can then roll though the faces using arrow key.
  13. To that gradient mask should apply command "rasterize to mask", otherwise the mask will be only the hard shape. But transparency tool works fine too.
  14. This problem is basically because snap functionality is not good enough. When you draw and position objects there are often no snap options available.
  15. Anthemion Software (Jutoh) would even be U.K. located... they know e-book tech in&out.
  16. True, but required HTML/CSS is relatively simple and need next to none version handling for different platforms.
  17. Mac, it works fine but I haven't tried to do anything fancy with it. Basic painting is just fine.
  18. Ehkä noita voisi kokeilla: https://www.apt-browse.org/browse/debian/wheezy/main/all/myspell-fi/0.7-18/file/usr/share/hunspell
  19. I really wish there was a button "BAKE ADJUSTMENTS TO VECTOR LAYERS". That would take usability to next level.
  20. As RAW has no colour space attached AP attaches a colour space to image in develop. It should follow AP working colour space set in Preferences.
  21. 8" x 10" @300 dpi is 2400 px x 3000 px. Do you have that resolution?
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