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  1. @Callum Thanks! I tried opening the file in a new profile on my mac and it worked there too, since the linked images weren't there. So I had a look and resaved the psd files (3 files) as afphoto files, removed the psd files and opened the document again. It didn't crash then, just told me it was missing some resources, confirming that the problem was with the images. I then replaced those images using the resource manager and I haven't had any crashes since! So thank you for helping me figure out where the problem was Not sure why those images were a problem though, but at least it works again!
  2. Oops, so sorry. I keep mixing up Designer and Publisher, even though I use both a lot. Not sure what's going on in my brain. 🤦‍♀️
  3. Help! I have a file that I have been working on for a while. It was originally an idml file that I converted to Affinity. Publisher now crashes within seconds of me opening the file. I can't even export it, because it crashes too fast. Can anyone help? This is a project I'm getting paid for, so I really need to be able to work on it. File is attached. Luier infographic Fratzhosen.afpub
  4. Having had a baby in December I had to concentrate on other things for a while (), but I have been trying to work with my idml files again. Sadly, I still can't get them to work. They now all get stuck at 50,8% loading. I have attached a video of what happens. Screen Recording 2022-02-01 at 12.02.58.mov
  5. Well, I got my new 2021 MacBook Pro and it opens de idml file now, but doesn't show any images. Just outlines that aren't clickable. In addition Publisher keeps lagging and stops responding. I have had to do a lot of force quits. Other (similar) idml files have the same issue. They take about a minute to open, too. So I guess that's not exactly an improvement... Any more suggestions or do I just need to give up and find a way to keep using Adobe?
  6. Yes, DaFont is where I got them Will make sure they're transferred to the new machine (or will download them again)!
  7. Thank you all for giving it a try! Here's hoping that my new macbook will do better. I didn't think the current one is particularly bad though. Normal INDD files open pretty fast (5 seconds). Is this a general issue with IMDL files, that they take longer to open? Thank you, @RM f/g for sharing the converted file! This one opens in zero seconds! Very happy to get started! I need to relink the images though, and that seems to give a lot of error messages. For instance, Publisher says it doesn't support eps files, is that true? Will play around a bit and see how it goes.
  8. Hi! Thanks for your reply @Joachim_L. Turning off hardware acceleration hasn't made a difference, unfortunately. File complexity might be the issue though. I tried a much simpler file and it did open. Unfortunately over half of my files are of the more complex type and I will still need to be able to work on those. I have attached one example. And further advice is greatly appreciated! Denken in Getallen groep 3A.idml
  9. Hi, I hope this isn't a frequently asked question. I couldn't find it in any case. I am looking to switch to Affinity Publisher from InDesign. I currently have about 75-85 INDD files that I will need to be able to work on in Publisher. So I set out to convert them to IDML, since Publisher is supposed to be able to open those. However, Publisher doesn't actually open the couple of IDML files I created. It shows that it is loading something, but after 25 minutes nothing has happened. I tried opening the same files in InDesign, which does open them (does take about 5 min though). I am currently using a MacBook Pro mid 2014. I am awaiting the arrival of a MacBook Pro M1pro next month. On the new MacBook I would like to fully switch to the Affinity suite. Any idea what goes wrong with the IDML files? How do I get them to open in Publisher?
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