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  1. petermccallum

    File won't open

    I had version when this problem occurred. AP just updated to v The file opens now.
  2. petermccallum

    File won't open

    Hi Bruce I copied it to the hard drive but the problem still exists. Hopefully the file still opens on my work computer. Peter
  3. petermccallum

    File won't open

    I created a file on my work computer. It's stored on that computer's hard drive and shared via iCloud. When I tried opening it at home on my laptop I received an alert that contains the words "The file version is not supported by this version of Affinity." Both computers are using the latest version of Affinity Publisher Beta. I tried opening the file from the Finder and by using the Open command from Affinity Publisher's File menu. Neither work.
  4. petermccallum

    can't unlock some objects

    Hi MEB Thanks for the response. My main problem seemed to be that I couldn't find the layers panel. I stumbled upon it after moving the swatches panel. Now I can't find the swatches panel. How do I turn panels on and off? Peter
  5. Hi I have a simple form that I'm creating consisting of vertical and horizontal lines and some text. I locked some of the background lines so I could work on the ones that are in the foreground but can't seem to unlock them. I have no idea what I have done. I'm a pretty new user of Affinity Designer so my I'll apologise in advance if this is something stupidly simple. The document has been included as an attachment. Cheers Peter Time management.afdesign