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  1. I'm sharing with you (affinity team) how frustrating and boring renaming can be... note I'm in the middle of 8.448 artboards renaming, so I'm really frustrated and tired. This is the fastest way I found and note my 2015 MacBook Pro is trying to do that as fast as it can, but all dead time you can see in the screen-movie is due to lag between clics and their reaction. 😫 🥱 Grabación de pantalla 2022-05-10 a la(s) 18.54.17.mov
  2. Hi all! I have a suggestion born in an issue: I would like to have a tool that can automatically rename multiple dartboards following a previously defined pattern. Think about in the middle of an creativity attack and without planing you did several artboards, hundreds or who know, thousands and you have all with default name or even worst, you did them copying or duplicating the first... At the end of the day you expect to use export persona to generate definitive files and realize you'll spend lot more time renaming the artboards than the time used to create art... frustrating, no matters if is user failure or not. That is!, I'm sure will be very useful, even more considering I still have 7 thousand artboards to rename between multiple files
  3. AMAZING! first perfect result from Export persona! I'll have to fix 8447 artboard position only, but will be lot less effort than redraw. THANKS A LOT TO ALL BofG, Pšenda, Old Bruce. I'll drink a Pisco Sour in your honor this evening 😃🥂. Cheers!!!
  4. Hi Pšenda, thank you for your attention. Well, I did the experiment, applied in one artboard what OldBruce recommended. Note all "vector pixels" were created from the beginning writing 24 by side in the transform tool. I did the grid, I carefully replace each pixel inside the grid, and did a exportation test. No changes, the Export persona added "gaps" between the pixels, meanwhile the individual export from Designer Persona creates the PNG perfectly as expected. A side by side sample 😩
  5. Thanks for your answers Bofg and Old Bruce, I really appreciate that. But I think the artboard can't be the issue, because I reviewed with the strongest magnification possible and the outline shows total coincidence between the 24by24px fake vector pixels done with rectangular squares shapes... at the same time, considering I already did the more than 8 thousands totally different pixel arts (8448 indeed)... is virtually impossible to start from scratch again. The second factor I consider to discard errors in drawings for themselves is I already have sacrificed myself exporting "some" individually from designer persona (288 to be precise, but is frustrating and painful) and all of them look perfect, with no separation or lines between pixels at all.
  6. Hi. I created manually a huge collection of simulated pixel art. There is a bunch of more than 8 thousand individual pieces that Affinity couldn't manage in one fils, so I have spliced them in files that contains between 400 to less than 600 artboards, each containing one piece. Despite the files are hardly managed by my old laptop, I tried for first time the persona export because up to date I never had to make so massive amount of files. So each artboard, a perfect square of 1008 by 1008 pixels containing colored rectangle shapes of 24px side, perfectly aligned by Affinity snap fitting perfectly inside the square as a different image. I will not upload full size screenshots, but the issue will be clear. Designer persona shows squares like separated in preview. in outline view they are shown with no space at all between, no matters the magnification. Export directly one by one from designer results in a perfect 1008px square, with no separation between the colored squares, but export persona DOES! it export each artboard in 1009px and with a clear separation of 1 px between squares!!! so is totally unusable to export my more than 8 thousands figures!!!! that is not only frustrating, is very imprecise. Note I "adjusted" one to 1008px to test, but the result is very bad too, so I need your help, pleas as soon as possible.
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