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  1. Hi DWright, Thanks to pay attention to my case, indeed it is possible, I have already prepared a lighter .tiff file where the phenomena happens, I've checked to be sure of what I claim. How do I proceed to share you a dot tiff file since it isn't really a WorldWideWeb format compatible ? Best, Nicolas.
  2. Hi Affinity Support/Users, I would like to know what's the best pictures source's file format to work with Affinity Photo 1.4.1 ? I ask this since my processing software's .tiff files aren't right in Aff. Pho. They are around 19/20 filled by file's original image and there is a vertical 1/20 filled by a black, white and grayscale encoded signs as the attached picture showed previously. I use .psd files that is ok. Thanks for reading.
  3. Thank you. I have checked your keyboard shortcuts charts, nice colors and very interesting. Your app that makes me think about another nice app Darktable available for ubuntu but yours seems more a 16 bit alchemy enhancer rather than a raw developer. If Apple supports small teams dev with a smart intuitive experience for end-users in mind, Apple //'s spirit will come back. A pleasant app is ever great for a correct creation. All the best.
  4. Hi Affinity forum, I decided to buy the app for the price that is relative light engagement. Well, I use Photoshop since 2.51 version I enjoyed alot this new deal in graphics at this time. It was fresh and exciting to participate to this Adobe's journey. The big problem with Adobe which has a real expertise in bitmap is the expensive price they ask, socially unfair for real enthusiasts artists who couldn't afford the software solution. 20 or 10 years ago, there was an unreasonable needs into graphics business so prices jumped due to a mad inflation. Adobe has decided to deal with PC that has attacked the Apple market. Adobe has became an industrial software sometimes agressive, they attacked Quark Xpress market with In-design solution. But now how I can change of bitmap's software after more 20 years of photoshop's use ? Can I really transpose serious tasks (color management, quality image manipulation)? I use PS for verifications and corrections in professional way with approved settings by the profession. Will Affinity extend his software to exhaustive industrial norms workflow ? PS: Affinity seems to exploit deeper than ps .tiff files. I have been positively surprised by .tiff flexibility inside app. Levels are great! they push .tiff to a real pixel density and colors keep their soul. A good taste in photography rendering algorithm. One more bitmap software is ever a good news.

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