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  1. just wanted to update my situation - it seems to be working! i haven't tried adding pattern layers yet but so far it hasn't crashed. The last crash happened when i attempted to rotate a photo. it started to rotate but stuck around the 45 degree mark, then crashed. i haven't tried that again. in regards to the previous comment, i wasn't trying to be difficult, please accept my apology if that is the impression.
  2. okay. I have it installed and it doesn't work. crashes and totally unstable. At least with a previous beta version, it worked occasionally.
  3. can you please just give me the correct link so i can get the right download? when i click on everything above, it gives me nothing but multiple posts with no link to the correct version i should use. thank you Patrick
  4. I downloaded the most current beta but now it is asking for a product key. It never did that before, it automatically recognized that i have AP installed. I purchased the program through the microsoft store, so i don't have a product key. Or if i do, i can't figure out where to find it. Please advise, thank you
  5. that is what happens to me too. The only way i can solve it is to disconnect my tablet and shut down Designer, then open it again. Also, sometimes not all of the brushes will work. I figured out one other problem also - if I used one of my presets that has "create artboard" as part of the preset, my tablet never works. That's not a big issue, but once i figured that out, it helped. There is still some sort of issue since Designer doesn't always recognize the tablet.
  6. i think my main struggle is that i am too critical and not looking at my designs from an "artist mind" POV, if that makes sense. Thank you for the youtube channel info:)
  7. i just found the instruction sheets, thanks! if you ever decide to teach, i will be your first student. I am a total newbie to graphic drawing/design.
  8. your work is amazing. thank you for the brushes. Do you teach classes online?
  9. still locking up Affinity photo beta. complete white screen and not responding at all. i attached a file. so i drew one blue blob, then copied and pasted. switched to a pen brush ( i was using an acrylic brush), drew with it to see what it looked like, deleted it, then chose a bigger size and when i went to draw, the screen froze. thanks for any info in fixing it.
  10. thank you for the tip - it worked in designer, checking photo program next.
  11. windows 10, my drawing tablet was working correctly with all of the choices in photo on wednesday. i am using a huion drawing tablet#H610PRO. today none of the brushes work except for the basic round 64, and now it has locked up affinity photo completely, the screen is black and not responding. when i try to exit out completely, it reports the problem to microsoft. I will also post in affinity designer bugs regarding my drawing tablet - it was working in persona on tuesday, all of the brushes would work. now only a few work, some of the basic brushes, a few of the pens and markers but no others work with my tablet, only with my mouse and i suck drawing with the mouse. i haven't updated windows since last week (whenever they had an auto update).
  12. it is working now it even is working in designer using the pixel persona. so glad it is working in designer now! i rebooted after my post, maybe that fixed it. Christi
  13. before this update, my drawing tablet was working. i was able to paint using the all of the selections including watercolor brushes. now, the only thing that works using my tablet are the basic selection of brushes. my mouse works for all the choices no matter which category. That is the same problem in affinity designer when i am in pixel persona. is there a way for me to go back to the previous version of the beta?
  14. i have been using the beta and it is awesome - i especially like that the "mirror" option in symmetry now works when using paint brushes. Thank you for that!
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