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  1. Thanks for the deep analysis and the explanation, even so it does not solve my Problem 😞 I will need to work this around somehow... But at least I know that there is not something wrong or defect.
  2. Hi @MEB, @Joachim_L did you had any chance to look at the example file? best regards joerg
  3. Hello Joachim, Hello MEB, sorry it took a little bit longer. Now I got a test file together with a screenshot of the layer names in Illustrator. If I open this AI file in Designer, only the top layer names gets shown, all layer names below get lost. best regards joerg TEST-211012.ai
  4. Hello Joachim, Hello MEB, thanks for the really quick answers. I can not share the current file as it is high confidential design data. But I will request a test file from the customer. Thanks Joerg
  5. Hello Affinity Community, I am currently struggeling with an import of an Adobe Illustrator file. We receive from a customer a file which has been created in Adobe Illustrator and saved as PDF compatible. When I want to import that file in Affinity Designer everything seems to look fine, but there is one issue all Layername gets lost during import. Is there a ways to preserve the layer names during import? Best regards joerg
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