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  1. Close all -> Save all or Don't Save all +1! Why is this open for so long?
  2. Thank you very much for sharing the links I've searched before i've added the new thread. Didn't found the first link with my keywords - but unfortenately it's not helpful Indeed I've found the second link - but unfortunately this is not the answer of my question Didn't found the third link - that's exactly what i'm trying to describe here. Thank you for your help - sorry that i didn't add additional 5 minutes for search.
  3. Is there any update on the request of @hy13 and @ScotchBonn8 ?
  4. Hello together, Short question: Is there a way to close everything in Affinity Photo without saving changes? My current workflow for editing my RAW pictures is, to open a favorite, edit, develop to jpeg, export, open the next one... If i'm repeating this process with many pictures, the program uses lot of RAM and i need to close everything. But i didn't found any possibility to "Close All" ... so i need to close the programm and press the "Don't save" button as much as i have open windows... on a Mac with its Memory on its limit this is kind of time consuming and annoying. Moreover i don't want to save anything, because i don't need the RAW's after exporting anymore. Long term question: Is there a way to improve my workflow? (I know about the existence of Stack Images.. but it seems to me, that i need macros which are working perfectly fine, so that i can make use of... since i'm not that Pro-User i'm preferring the edit-manual approach currently) Thanks! Greetings, Andreas
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