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  1. @LeeThorpe Addendum to my earlier post is that the 2.0.4(EXE) version does also freeze.
  2. I use eagle.cool as asset/image/fontmanager and it has a neat function to monitor a folder and move items out of it to its database. If editing in af~ and running also eagle you can simply use ctrl+s saving to just that folder and it will create(take out) that file timestamped in it's database. **note that eagle creates copies of your files in it's database not the files itself , this can cause a big strain on your storage capacity but also means you (can) have backup files**
  3. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/search/&q=white balance %2B mac os&quick=1
  4. My take was with an artboard and a select new object option ticked ,using the movetool while shape selected. ctrl+scrollwheel on mouse fast zooming in/out freezes the program. dmp file uploaded
  5. @Ben There are 2 solutions/workarounds mentioned in this thread. One is copy/pasting as svg. Other one is to expand the object by using the contourtool. Perhaps the expanding version can be automated in a script to circumvent the issue at hand.
  6. @LeeThorpe It will not generate a crashreport because it just freezes and doesn't crash. But here's a screencast from the issue. 2023-01-26 12-08-22.mp4
  7. Maybe explain better as what it is that you're doing as I can snap to grid with the nodetool without any problems
  8. Maybe try to not clean for a while. I don't use a cleaner app because windows has functions itself to deal with them. https://www.maketecheasier.com/reasons-not-use-pc-cleaning-tools-windows/ Also I don't use those driver updating scams. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=driver+booster+review+reddit&ia=web Always make sure to use either winupdate for tested drivers or go to the manufacturer site. And how much updating drivers does one need? perhaps once a month? so better do it manually.
  9. Not trying to be daft here but it works here with 2 monitor setup. Maybe its the setup on windows that makes it miss behave? I for one have 2 same monitors and use the same settings for both scaling and resolution. Do you use a cleaner app/script ? There are some that delete the states of (screen)windows in windows. Or do you switch off screens between sessions? This may also influence the display, not only in affinity but also in other apps/programs.
  10. You can create studiopresets for any workspace setup. Create just one that you like and when you startup choosing a setup it will reset to this studio preset. You can create multiple workflow setups. This is not a solution for your problem though ,just a tip. https://affinity.help/publisher2/English.lproj/pages/Workspace/customizingWorkspace.html
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