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  1. Is there a reason that 2.1.1 just came out and the programs still don't support gifs?
  2. If there are any Staff members available, I would like to announce that I had this issue lastnight (June 1st)/today (June 2nd), running version on windows 11 Home (version 10.0.22621). Turning off hardware acceleration stoped it from showing the transparency checkers, but the tool is now 100% unresponsive. The tool worked fine for a couple photos, then this. I have troubleshot by: restarting the program turning off hardware acceleration and restarting restarting the computer trying to dublicate the layer and try editing on the new layer try a new file Please advise as to how this problem can be resolved, as I need the tool for a professional project.
  3. System: Edition Windows 11 Home Version 21H2 Installed on ‎8/‎15/‎2021 OS build 22000.194 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.194.0 Crash Data: Empty (but the program did have one file saved last night, that I was able to recover after it recognized a preemptive program shutdown.) Application Settings: They have never been touched (default to the program and expected to be the same as before the 1.10 issue)
  4. I have tried to develop a photo (with about 8 total files open in the program) and usually the program crashes, since the 1.10 update (1.9 and 1.8 did not do this, even when I had over 20 files open). Only one file is being developed at a time, and Affinity was even the only program that was open and running on the computer. I don't know how or why this is happening.
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