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  1. Here's an attempt, tried making it an evening shot but not happy with the added lighting.
  2. SKD

    Some photos - New York

    whoops! they came out rather large. Sorry.
  3. Hi, I decided that maybe it was time to share some of my AP work. I recently discovered some files I thought I had lost of photos I took in New York when on holiday a few years ago (shot on an EOS 400d, about 10mp). Surprised at how the pigeon came out, I was originally going for something quite subtle but out of curiosity put its through tone mapping. Can a pigeon be heroic? Any suggestions? whenever I tried to make them less extreme they lost all impact. Steve Edit: I've now made them smaller....
  4. Hi, I'm using Sierra 10.12.3. I originally had 2 layers, the original background layer and a plain duplicate. Frequency separation was the first task. I've tried deleting the duplicate layer and doing the Frequency separation on the original layer, it still crashes when clicking the feature protection tolerance, thanks Steve
  5. Hi, when clicking on the feature protection tolerance box in Frequency separation Photo crashes. Raw image has been through develop module and had a little cloning/inpainting applied but nothing else yet. Steve
  6. SKD

    AP • Archer

    Well I like it! There aren't enough photos on this board, mine aren't up because I'm not good enough yet! its a shame not to get the whole bow in, but that would mess up the balance of the image. can't decide whether i'd like a bit more light on his right forearm or not. Steve p.s. - like your glass photo as well
  7. I forgot to say, I'm trying to stack 3 RAW images. I notice the video help is using TIFF. Don't know if that makes any difference....
  8. Hi, I'm trying to stack different exposures but having problems. If I open each individual layer on its own it shows up fine (underexposed, overexposed, normal) but when trying to use the import stack all the different images seem to be exposure adjusted to normal (i.e. the underexposed shot has its exposure boosted). what am I doing wrong? Steve
  9. SKD

    Some artworks with Affinity Photo

    Really well presented tutorial, I'll try it out when I have a few minutes. I would love to see more tutorial presented in this way. I love your 'deliverance' picture. Steve
  10. thanks for the links, some of the results look impressive (so do some of the prices!). Steve
  11. sorry, just realised this is the wrong board, any way of moving it to Questions?
  12. Hi, does anyone have recommendations for decent plugins for use in AP. I'm a new comer to photo editing and have never used Photoshop so haven't got a 'library' of plugins. I assume that many plugins are just shortcuts for doing what could be done through AP but are any able to do things that would otherwise not be possible? thanks in advance, Steve
  13. sorry, didn't make myself clear. It happens in everything, not an AP problem. I only noticed it in AP from looking closely. Surprised I didn't notice it in Aperture or elsewhere earlier!
  14. Looking at it in more detail its screen burn that fades away after a few minutes (but takes no time at all to get 'burnt in'). (MBP retina just in case you're wondering) thanks
  15. Hi, sometimes when I open up an image I will be able to see the desktop behind it. Sometimes this might be a case of being able to see the finder window with the raw files I chose from. This will sometimes still be visable even when that finder window is closed. Sometimes I will be able to see the texture of the desktop picture on an open image. have I somehow changed a setting of the opacity of Affinity Photo windows? Steve