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  1. Just wanna throw in that I'm pretty reliably hitting this bug. I have a 5120x1440 monitor, but I rarely if ever have Designer full screen. Usually just like the center third of my screen or so. When zooming super far in and then back out within a few seconds (I haven't deliberately tried zooming veeerrrrry slowly but I will once I'm finished working), it freezes every time. Have to force quit. Also experiencing near-exponential lag ramp after half an hour or so, even with small documents/projects. And in case it helps in bug-hunting somehow, the project I'm currently working on is just paths, anchors, shapes, text. No placed/imported assets or multimedia. Logotype stuff. Designer V2.0.0, Windows 10 22H2 (x64), i7-7700HQ, 32GB DDR4, Nvidia 1070 mobile.
  2. Having the same issue: v1.10.1, crashing constantly. Starting on an illustration project and auto-save isn't working and Photo is freezing/crashing after like five or ten minutes, every time. Automatic recovery is basically useless at the moment as well. Switching to Krita for now since it seems more appropriate for what I'm doing but I really do love Affinity and wish it was stable.
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