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  1. Adding on to my reply above, the 3" refers to the slight movement of the photographer to the right in taking the picture. I could have been more clear. But Anaglyph Workshop that I referred to does that job magically for me with just a single image taken. And you can adjust the shift from 0 to 10 to suit your 3D need.
  2. I was looking for a method by which the blue and red images were offset just a bit, but still appearing as basically a single bi-colored imaged. Since I posted my message here, I've discovered that a $9.99 app on the Apple Store called Anaglyph Workshop works like a charm with Catalina. However, I will tweak first defence's steps and see how the two methods compare. By the way, Anaglyph Workshop is *really* easy to use and has the cool feature that lets you make a selected area of the photo pop out at the viewer rather than the whole image being 3D. Attached is an example in which the two front-facing "wings" of the mansion should pop out at you if you have a pair of red-blue glasses. Thanks to all for the input!
  3. Is there an available workflow for creating a pair of photos, one red the other blue, taken about 3" laterally from one another, and then creating a single 3D photo for viewing with glasses? I have all three Affinity products. Thanks.
  4. Now that Affinity Photo for iPad is out, and since Apple's iCloud, Photos, photo libraries, camera roll, etc., etc., confuse me a bit, (what's going where, and when?!?!) any chance that you might do a video on the interactions of AP for Mac and iPad and all those Apple functions? How can they be brought together into a nice workflow? If you've already posted such a tutorial, sorry. Thanks.
  5. I support Wally's request. While the tutorials, magazine, etc. are very good, they don't fill an important gap—the "Affinity Photo Essential Training"-like course, ala lynda.com's "Lightroom CC Essential Training," "Photoshop CC Essential Training," etc. We need an overview of the spirit in which the program has been put together, the major portions (personas?) of the program and their purposes, then an extensive visit to all the power (how-tos) within the program. I suspect given time I could become acceptably able to use most of the features, but a good course could speed up the process immensely. Thanks.
  6. cascadesjohn

    Introduce Yourself

    John here, from western Oregon. I'm a retiree who has taken to the Adobe CC way of life with varying degrees of success. I'm curious to learn the comparisons with Photo.

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