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  1. After reading this topic I opened a RAW file from my D300. Can't get the exact files size from my MAC other than to know it is less than 100MB. I used NIK Silver Effects on a duplicate layer generated in Affinity and saved the resulting file in PSD format by using the export option under FILE. The option calculates file size before saving and this one layer RAW file with one layer calculated to be 204MB when saved in PSD format. I then opened the PSD file in Photoshop Elements 12 which had to convert the bit depth as it will not handle anything over 8 bits ( I'm sure this saves space). T
  2. Affinity Photo: In the second tutorial on layers the GUI (graphic user interface) is in a different display or configuration mode, but no explaination was made as to how the change was affected. There are some parallels with Photoshop as to most comon macros, but a short explaination of that could pay big dividends and reduce related questions as to GUI configuration. I suspect once you have it configured you can save the workspace in much the same way that other program does. Thanks from all the people who have been wondering about this same question, but have not thought to ask. Yet.
  3. Perhaps they were keyed to GMT, so it was already the 24th and the deal had expired.
  4. NIK plugin filters do work in Affinity photo. Topaz, Flaming Pear do not at this time. I have ON1 as well, but it did not even show up as a choice for plugin. This may be because it works with Photoshop Lightroom as well as Photoshop, which may also be why Topaz filters are not working as they too have both paths. Please continue to work with these plugins and solve the code that will make them work. BTW if you bought NIK for Photoshop, you will have to buy it again for Affinity as it will not install without doing so. You may use it on a trial basis only.
  5. Don't know the point of this other than to discuss abilities as Xara is a very capable Windows only program for graphic, photo and web design that I have loaded on my Windows computer. Affinity has a nice display good clean layout, but haven't been under the hood long enough to tell how it matches up against Xara. One thing Xara has is hard copy users manual, and years of tutorials on vector and bitmap topics as well as web page generation. I hope the pace of Affinity's progress will out strip that of Xara and soon there will be hard copy user manuals that are well layed out and well writte
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