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  1. But once you change to custom ratio, it will remember it for next documents. It has worked that way since I purchased and is not working anymore.
  2. Thank you, appreciated. I never clicked/noticed the cog, cause cog to me are settings and presets are in the realm of favourites/bookmarks. Still, the window is preset window is quite big and once you select a preset it doesn't go out of the way. It's a bit better, but the bug report stands: the old way didn't need "fixing" and is still much faster. Tbh, I cannot understand what the improvement is of the new behaviour, so I can only assume it was optimized away without knowing the consequences.
  3. As for clicks: Old version: Drop in photo from Finder Click crop tool or press C Now I can crop at last remembered ratio New version: Drop in photo from Finder Click crop tool or press C Click dropdown to change from unconstrained to custom ratio Click width, select all and press 2 tab to select height and press 3 Now I can crop at 2:3 Do this 10 times a night and you're quite frustrated if you're used to the old version.
  4. Mac Store I'm afraid. Exception aside, I mostly crop, rotate and clone (to fill up sides that were rotated away). To be specific: pictures from actors / actresses for resources like TMDB, in 2:3 ratio, focused on the face (rotation is used here to align the eyes for better recognizability) and 16:9 for episode/film screenshots. It's not my full time job, it's something I do 1-3 hours a day and more on weekends to contribute to resources I use myself.
  5. Any photo now defaults to unconstrained and exact pixel ratio as opposed to last ratio used. This is a huge decay in UX for me, since >80% of my use of AP deals with the same crop ratio. Please reconsider this decision if it was a conscious choice.
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