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  1. Thank you, both! I had to do a little working with what you mentioned. I still don't know exactly what I did wrong, but I see now that my current puzzle-piece has been constructed in a wrong way. It might work on some cases, but in my case the paths are combined in a wrong order and I'd need to separate them first and combine them somehow different, what would also crash my puzzle-piece a little bit. Rather that combining paths it is more safe to combine areas to get a clear area. Your videos, Alex were very helpful for me, to see how I could work faster with AD.
  2. Hi Peter! Thank you! I found the button 'joining curves' you mentioned. In fact this was the button I used to join my six curves (paths?) into a large contour a few days ago. So when I now click 'join curves' nothing seems to change and still it would only fill the 'tounges' of my puzzle-piece. Have you tried it out with my .svg file and it works for you? Kind regards Rasmus
  3. Hi folks, I have created a path from six cloned paths to form something like six-sided puzzle-piece (see attachment) Now I want to fill this puzzle-piece but it only fills out the 'tounges' of the piece and not everything that is surrounded by the path. I am sure this behaviour has something to do with the way I created the puzzle-piece - in combining multiple simple not-closed paths into a single closed path. But how do I get my path to be handled as a closed path and be filled like the way I want it to be filled? Thanx in advance Rasmus Streckenteile_cut.svg

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