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  1. Hi mac_heibu, thank you for your answer.

    As long as I'm not confident that Affinity Publisher can reliable handle 300+ pages with lots of photos and illustrations on each page I prefer to split documents into extra files.

    Joining .afpub files into a final version just for output looks like a safe way for me. Of course all my files have identical settings but should they differ as you mention I would expect that the first document determines the settings for all subsequent imports. So landscape pages may be truncated and colors get converted ...

    Joining PDFs sounds good but I have no experience with that. I use a Mac and I do not have Adobe Acrobat. What could I use to join PDFs and maintain PDF/X.. compatibility.

  2. 34 minutes ago, walt.farrell said:

    Are you really pasting text without first creating a Text Frame?

    If so, it shouldn't crash; it should just ignore your attempt to paste.

    Your workaround, which would be needed even if it didn't crash, would be to create a Text Frame first :)


    I used to paste the text and the text frame was created automatically (at a random size). Now it crashes.

    Well I'm willing to learn the correct approach and will start to create text frames first. Thank you.

  3. The newest Affinity Publisher Public Beta - crashes when I paste text from the clipboard.


    Select some plain text in a text editor( Cmd-C).

    Open a new publisher document (Cmd-N)

    Paste the text (Cmd-V)

    C R A S H

    Previous betas worked just fine.

    My OS is macOS Mojave 10.14.4

    Anyone else?

  4. I just tested this with the current Beta for OS X

    The empty one page .afpup file has 8 KB

    I dragged in a 130 MB .afphoto file.

    I open Documents > Resource Manager and see that the file is now linked by default.

    I save the .afpup file and it has 95 MB

    I change the linked image to embedded, save again and the  .afpup file is still 95 MB.


    Two issues here 

    1) The document size with the linked photo should remain at 8 KB

    2) Updates to the linked .afphoto file only appear when I explicitely press Update. That means what I see may not reflect the current state. Updates should appear automatically.


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