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  1. Old Bruce thank you very much again for creating the design for me. I was able to recreate your design using parts of your design. But I was not able to create that circle. I would really appreciate if you could show me in more details how you created that beautiful circle. I am still a newbie to Affinity Designer
  2. Old Bruce thank you very much for your reply. Can you or somebody else please do a step by step instruction on how to create that circle
  3. how do you design a circle around a shape or letter like in this sample file I downloaded this file from the internet and would like to create my own designcircle around letter.afdesign
  4. Alfred, one more question I know that I can redownload the Creative Fabrica files but I still like to keep a file on my computer just for security Which file should I keep the EPS file or the SVG file?
  5. Bofg and bushbrand thank you for your quick reply maybe I should have clarified that I am using my final designs for print on demand t-shirts and mugs those sites require PNG files
  6. When I buy a design from Creative Fabrica I usually get the design in various file formats (AI, EPS, SVG and some other file formats) I usually only keep the SVG files because SVG files sizes are much smaller Should I keep the EPS file instead? I am using a Mac
  7. firstdefence thank you very much for the quick reply. I really appreciate your detailed explanation. Now I have to try it out myself.
  8. PixelPest thank you very much for the information. I had to lough when I read your Location “Under the bridge” firstdefence thank you very much for the Information. I am sorry that I made you feel hungry. Can you please do a step by step instruction on how you created those colourful hamburgers. I am new to Affinity Designer.
  9. Is there any way to colour the different parts of the hamburger SVG files. I bought the SVG files from Creative Fabrica
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