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  1. For those that work on multi-lingual layouts, using "language layers" is a very common way to set up a document (handbooks, price lists, catalogs, etc.) It would be very helpful and far less time consuming, than within paragraph styles, to have a global layer setting to over-ride language/spelling.
  2. Thank you for your answer. However it's a very inelegant solution with either software. I'm hoping that Publisher becomes more than InDesign was, is... or will ever be. At this point in time with digital layout (DTP) over 35+ years old, I would hope that software can someday finally take advantage of the extreme power computers make available. Jumping through hoops, hacks, plugins and scripts is so 1990's. /minirant Again... thank you for your reply though!
  3. I have the same problem. I enjoy working in Publisher and am in the process of converting documents made in InDesign (mostly) and print PDFs for changes. All of these documents have multiple language layers, and I work mostly in English. It would be very helpful and far less time consuming(!!!) to have a global layer command to address changing language/spelling settings. Thank you for considering this in a future update... if it hasn't been implemented yet (I can't find it if it has?)
  4. After you're done editing your text, just hit the escape key (esc) one time to go back to the pointer select tool and move your text block... and 2 times to deselct the text you were editing to be able to select something different. I would also like the "alt" key to always default to the selection pointer to click on something else or out of a selection, but I believe that's already been discussed multiple times. BTW: new here... first post... and Designer is looking very, VERY promising!
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