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  1. +1, three years later (March 2022). Please allow us to change the color and width of the guides. They're too hard to see.
  2. This answer (from 18 months ago) was JUST what I've been looking for. Much appreciated, JimmyJack. 👍
  3. Looking for the keyboard shortcut to increase the font size on any text. When I choose Text: Size, (see attached screenshot), none of these shown shortcuts make the text smaller or larger. I'm new to Designer, so I may be looking in the wrong place. I realize I can change any/all menu shortcuts of any app via Mac's System Preference: Keyboard: Shortcuts, but I'd be curious to know if I'm seeing something wrong in Designer. (also, just need the shortcut
  4. Years later, but thanks for this thread. I also was looking for the Help files' reference to "Document Menu" and I couldn't find it anywhere in the menu bar. It's instead located in the Designer and/or Pixel Persona view (those are in the upper left), and then "Document Setup..." box appears in the upper left tabs across the top.
  5. Wondering if others are seeing this in Designer 1.9.3. Was trying to make some highlighted text larger, and in the Menu: Text: Size: Bigger, it shows ⌘- > (Command-right caret) as the keyboard shortcut that will do that. But on my M1 Mini Big Sur, that doesn't work. I played around with a ton of other possible shortcuts, and finally came across Shift-Command-right caret that makes the font size 0.1 bigger. Is that just my weird Mac that does this, or are some of the stated shortcuts in Designer not correct? (I'm also familiar with the way to customize any/all menu shortcuts via Sys Pref: Keyboard: Shortcuts, but checking before I change this)
  6. New to Affinity Photos and Designer on Mac. Can that far left side column of Tools icons be made larger?
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