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  1. I've said this from the very beginning. YOU CAN NOT HAVE THE "?" BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER!! Users are right handed. Their palm rests at the bottom right screen of the ipad so their palm is going to trigger this "?" button and its going to cause WORKFLOW DISRUPTION. It causes DISRUPTION. Please remove the "?" button from all apps from the bottom right corner of the apps interface and move it to the top left corner of the app interface.
  2. I just saw that new quick menu is a 3 finger gesture. This is all wrong. it should be a 1 finger tap. It was like that in the old version. This needs to be changed immediately. Immediately. Its needs to be changed back to how it was. It should not be a 3 finger swipe down gesture. It is easier for it to be a 1 finger tap.
  3. The delete button shouldnt even be there at the bottom left. Its good that they removed it from there. The only issue is that the delete button should be under a new context menu under each object but that context menu has not been created by serif. Think of the bar that appears under each object in the adobe illustrator app.
  4. I know you just released v2 and all the old v1 feedback and suggestion forums were removed but I need serif to make a separate feature requests and suggestions forum for each v2 product because this whole forum is about to get messy. Lets get organized.
  5. Right. I dont want to enter larger numbers because i want to increase that default 100pt limit. So how do I increase it? I dont want to enter them manually. I want to increase this slider 100pt max.
  6. Ugh. And then when you enter a number in the slider above 100pt, and you come back to change that slider, the slider goes back to 0pt to 100pt. It ignores the number you had entered. So if I enter 300pts. My slider should go from 0pts to 300pts. No. If you move your slider it goes back to 0pts to 100pts. Its so annoying. Just let me enter a max value for the slider pt and let the slider go from 0pt to that max value pt I entered.
  7. How do I change the 100pt standard for everything? The max stroke width is 100pt. The radius in fx goes up to only 100pt. Everythings 100pt. How do I increase it? I hate entering a number automatically because Im limited by 100px. I need more than 100pt. Im being limited. I want to go into the preferences and increase that 100pt to like 200pt or 300pt so that next time I change my slider the max pt is what i had set it to. I can just slide the slider from 0 to the number i put in withouth being limited to 100pt. Its so frustrating. Let users increase the pt to sliders in preferences.
  8. I shouldnt have said "bounding box." Im aware it also changes the size of the curve nodes as well. I think my issue was it being called "Tool" because I was looking at the tools in the toolbar. Its not tool related. its object related.
  9. I was playing with the preferences when I came across the preference "Tool Handle Size" under Tools in preferences. Theres different sizes that you can choose from, but I never understood what it changed because nothing happened when you pressed each size. Nothing was happening in the toolbar because its "Tool" related. It wasnt until I realized that its actually changing the size of the "bounding box handles" of an object. This was so confusing to me because of what its called, "Tool Handle Size." I dont know what that means. I get its gonna change the size of the handle of those tools but what tools are we talking about here? The tools in the toolbar? Its so confusing. I dont think it should be called "Tool Handle Size" because its not referring to the tools in the toolbar. Its referring to the handle size of the bounding box of your objects. Its always been called a "bounding box." So I think it should be renamed from "Tool Handle Size" to ----> "Object Bounding Box Handle Size" to prevent user confusion because it just happened to me. Had I read "Object Bounding Box Handle Size" I would have know that Im changing the size of my objects bounding box handles. Please change this. Don't use the word "tool" because it refers to the tools in toolbar. Come up with something shorter if youd like but make sure its "Object Bounding Box Handle Size" related.
  10. Where in the settings do I go to set it so that everything I draw is already in curves. i dont want to be hitting "convert to curves" all the time. I just want to draw shapes and have them be in curves already. I want to edit their nodes. I dont want to do this extra step of converting them to curves.
  11. I misread your comment and agreed with you. I actually disagree with you. "Duplicate layer" should be its own button. It should not be in any burger menu. Thats too many touches just to get to it and a slow workflow. It needs to be its own button next to the delete, group, and new layer button in the layer studio. I wouldnt say all over the place. Theres 3 workflows in the app. The canvas, the layers studio, and the edit menu at the top left of the iterface. A duplicate button should be in all 3 of these workflows but its only available in 1 workflow, the edit menu. There should be a duplicate button in the layer studio while you work inside the layers studio and there should be a duplicate button in the long press clipboard menu while youre building your design on the canvas.
  12. What Ive been saying but youre gonna have to wait years for that.
  13. Im leaving these forums. I think these forums are a complete joke. They honestly need to be shut down because theyre not doing anything. They're pointless. You got the serif development team not listening to its customers on here. You got users who requested features from 2018 that still havent been implemented in this app. Features like rulers. RULERS!!! Something so basic. Or even a light interface instead of the dark interface we have right now. Its so bad. Very bad. I went through all 33 pages of these forums, wrote down every feature users requested, and the list is LONG!! Its ridiculous. So many basic features that are not in the app. Im angry. Im really angry, Do you know what this means? its means that instead of using 2018-2022 to work on these features and put them into the app, youve neglected them, pushed all these features back, and now all these features are going to take 2-5yr for them to be put in that app so now were not going to see any results from this app till 2024/25. We could have already had a good working app with all these features. And thats not including the new ones that are coming in. Now the new features that are being requested right now have to be added to the other features that everyones been asking for and now the serif team has all this BIG piled up work they need to do thats not going to get done right now. We are all going to have to wait 2-5yrs for results. I cant believe it! This next update, what ever youre working on, is going to be a joke. A big clownery joke. Im gonna look at that list of fixes that the serif team has been working on and just laugh because its not going to be any of the features on these 33 pages from 2018-2022. Like, what are they even working on? What were you working on from 2018 that youre so busy right now that you cant work on the app? Its just nonsense. And these moderators are pointless. Their responses were "we'll pass this down to our development team to see if they'll decide if they want it. theyre busy right now." You can not be THAT busy for 5 yrs that you cant put rulers or a white UI in the app. Its baffling. Im angry. Im very angry. Im angry because these features are not being put into the app, the dev team isnt working on this app, youve wasted 5 yrs of work, you wasted every users time on here, and nothing has been done. Nothing! This app is dead to me and any future update is a joke. Nothings going to get worked on right now. Nothing. If youve ever requested anything on these forum, its not gonna happen. Im leaving. I just wasted a whole month of leaving feedback to the serif team only for them not do anything right now with my feedback because theyve got all this other back up feedback to work on. Im just so angry and disappointed. Youve wasted everyones times here. @MEB@stokerg@Gabe@DWright@Chris_K @Dan C @Callum@Sean P@Patrick Connor
  14. Yeah. I just got onto these forums about a month ago. Ive been leaving several posts about issues with the app. i went back to the first page of the forums to read what issues other users had with the app and there are some basic issues that were requested 5yrs ago that havent been fixed in the app. 5yrs! Thats not ok. I think the last update was a year ago. I dont know if theyre going to release an update soon but it feels like nothing is getting done for AD on the app. Ive been leaving my feedback on here. I sometimes feel like nothing is going to get done. I do get replies from moderators saying thank you for my feedback. Im patiently waiting. My feedback is not going to happen overnight. Ill continue to post feedback because I really want to make this app better but it does feel like issues from yrs ago that I had to repost are going unheard. I figured Id just patiently wait to see if Serif is actually listening to my feedback and will eventually release an update soon because its been a year since the last. I am frustrated because it doesnt look like anythings getting updated. Ive noticed other app companies release an update every now and then for their app so I wonder why serif hasnt done the same. Nothing from serif yet. I dont know if Im at the point where I want to post a concern about to the serif team to Apple. Im am frustrated. It does feel like a joke. I just dont know whats going on on the other side to post a concern. IDK whats going on on serifs ends. I want answers from them first before I post a concern to apple.
  15. Notice how in my previous comment I put those pause dots ("......") between the serif employees words "I can also change............the color............really easily." These pause dots "..........." show how her workflow is being slowed down and stopped. Her workflow was interrupted because her objects properties are being divided into 2 studios and having this rule where only 1 studio can be opened at a time. She had to slow down. She had to do some thinking. She was interrupted. She had to toggle into another studio. There has to be an acception, an override, an accommodation, to combining these 2 specific and only studios because of the program being an ipad device, because of the small screen real estate the ipad has, and because of studios being opened 1 at a time in the app. Combine the studios.
  16. Heres a video of a serif employe explaining vector brushes. At the 0:48 mark she wanted to change her strokes color. So she has this impression that ok, I want to change my strokes color so let me go to my stroke studio. Why? Because her stroke has a color and anything stroke related is done in the stroke studio. So when she goes to the stroke studio to change her strokes color she realizes that the color to her stroke isnt there. So she has to pause and do some thinking. She realizes, oh yeah, the serif team likes to divide my objects properties so now im forced to go to the color studio to change my color. It slowed her down. She had to toggle into another studio. She had to do an extra step/tap. Why cant it all just be in 1 studio? It also doesnt help that the stroke studio icon is in the color of her stroke. It was purple. So by making the stroke studio icon the color of her stroke, purple, it confused her because it made her think her "color" of her stroke was in the stroke studio. It wasnt. Its in another studio. Sigh. This just shouldnt be happening. The color studio and the stroke studio truly need to combine. The irony is at the 0:48 mark she says " I can also change......the color......really easily." No. It wasnt easy. It forced her to stop, do some thinking, realize that color isnt in the stroke studio (even though her stroke studio icon changes color), slow down, do some thinking, and then realize changing her stroke color is in her color studio, not her stroke studio. Her objects properties are divided because of this ipad app rule where only 1 studio can be open at a time. Please combine the color and stroke studio for better workflow. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/designer/ipad/video/272750449/
  17. Here I am now in the stroke studio. I have my blue fill and red stroke square. I can finally change my stroke width because Im in my stroke studio. Ok. But now i want to change my strokes color, maybe its fill color, and lower the opacity of my stroke. Well, I cant do that. I have to toggle to the color studio. Its all this toggling. My properties are divided. I dont want to enter the color studio. I need my color studio and stroke studio combined because they share properties of my square, my object. This why I need the color studio and stroke studio to combine because all this toggling would save me time, speed up my workflow by a bit, and it would just make building my illustration easier. Users can not be doing all this toggling between these 2 studios. Serif should not be diving object properties into 2 studios. Users should be able to select their object and have 1 studio that has their color and stroke properties in it. Its simple. Just how vectornator does it. Just how AD for the desktop version does it.
  18. In the ipad app of AD you have the color studio. I created a square with a blue fill and red stroke. But what if I wanted to change the stroke width of my square. Now i have to go to the stroke studio to change that. Its not all in 1 studio. My properties are divided and its making me do extra steps just to get to something so basic. I dont want to go to the stroke studio to change that. I wish the stroke width was here in my color studio so I can change it and not do extra steps of slowing down my workflow. I dont want to toggle between studios because I have my object selected and I want to change everything fill and stroke related in 1 studio. Just how i can in vectornator and AD for the desktop.
  19. Below is an image of the ipad app vectornator. I created a square with a blue fill and a red stroke in the app. Notice how to the right of the square they have their own "studio" called "style." There you can change to square's fill or stroke. Theres no toggling to a different studio. Theres no opening a different studio. Properties are not divided into 2 studios. Everything relating to that square is here in this 1 studio called "style" in their app.
  20. Below is an image of the desktop version of AD. I created a square with a blue fill and a red stroke. To the right of it are several studios. You can have any studio open in the desktop version of AD. To the right I have the color and stroke studio. Notice how theyre freely open on the screen and if you wanted to change your fill or stroke you could easily do so by going to that studio. No toggling between studios. No needing to open a studio. Properties are not separated. Both studios are there for you to change the fill or stroke.
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