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  1. Ive been working in affinity designer v1 on ipad for a while now and what Ive been wanting in the layers studio for the longest time is a button that lets me duplicate. I dont work with a keyboard nor do I use the command modifier. I need to be able to delete, group, and duplicate in the layers studio. In v1, there is a group button and a delete button. They're awesome but with duplicate I have to go to the edit menu for that and it forces me to remove myself from my workflow of working in the layers studio. Making me lose time from my work because Ive exited my workflow to do something that should have been in the layers studio. In v2, the delete button is there but now the group button has changed. Its no longer a one time tap to simply group something. Now, if I want to group something I have to tap the group button, a drop down menu appears, and I have to do an extra step of selecting "group." Its so annoying. I hate when things take two or more taps to do something. Its bad design and v2 is full of drop down menus. It should just be a one time tap to group something. One tap is great design. The issue here is you have the warp options merged with the group button when the warp options should be its own separate button. So you need to make a group button that groups, a warp button that brings out a drop down menu of all the warp options, and then you need to add a duplicate button as its own button for users who dont use a keyboard or the command modifier. I think the ability to duplicate in the layers studio with a keyboard shortcut is great for keyboard users. But theres needs to be a duplicate button in the layers studio for users working inside the layers studio who dont use a keyboard or the command controller. Not exiting the layers studio. Just full attention in the layers studio and building your layers and work there. Attached is a photo below on what needs to happen.
  2. So Im using affinity designer v1 for ipad and for the LONGEST time I have been requesting that serif please add lock icons on each layer so that I can easily and quickly lock and unlock my layers instead of going into the "..." button in the layers studio and locking it there. Its just too many steps just to lock a layer. Y'all. 😒 Tell me why Im just finding out that if you go to the hamburger menu in the layers studio and turn on "show unlocked," lock icons appear on each layer making it easy to lock and unlock your layer...............WHY DIDNT NO ONE TELL ME!!! WHERE WAS THIS YEARS AGO. I BADLY NEEDED THIS! This should be turned on automatically. I am literally so happy right now. The struggle and many steps that I went through just to lock my layers by hitting the "..." button is over. Its over. 😭 Now I can just go to my layers and tap the lock icon to lock and unlock my layers. Its so much better. Just one single tap and done. Im so relieved this exists because v1 isnt getting any updates anymore. sigh. I use v1 because I cant with v2. Bleh. So if I have any feedback for AD v2 for ipad its that the icons on the layers are just WAAAAYYYYYY TOO CLOSE. Like, you literally have the lock icon, fx icon, and visibility icon next to each other hugging. HUGGING!!! You got to separate them. What is going on? Who approved this? Why hasnt this been fixed? This should have been fixed last year after v2 was released. We're in March already. Please space them out. Theyre so close to each other. My apple pencil is not that precise. Space the icons out. Look at the example below and do it the way it is in v1. Current: fx🔓⏺️(too close) Fixed: fx. 🔓. ⏺️
  3. I didnt check there but if users did complain and they did make this UI change based on those complaints then we can now say that this UI change doesnt work. Exactly.
  4. Thats the thing! No body complained about the old UI and they made this change on their own. i know because I went through all the 32 forum pages of the affinity designer v1 feedback and no body requested this UI change or complained about the old v1 UI. So Serif made this new UI change. Theyre allowed to but they shouldnt have. They made a lot of changes that no body requested for v2.
  5. This is why the app Procreate puts their context toolbar at the bottom of their interface. Putting the bar at the bottom allows the user to see their work and make the necessary changes they need to through the context toolbar. When you put the context toolbar at the top of the UI it forces the user to cover their work with their hand and do this back and forth hand removal to see the changes applied. Its tedious and time wasting. The new context toolbar in v2 should have never been moved to the top of the interface. Now the context toolbar in v2 has been split into sliders on the left side of the interface and users have to look to the left and the top to make their changes. Its wrong. You have us users looking everywhere for basic actions. All our actions were in this context toolbar in v1 at the bottom. It was all there and now in v2 youve just splitted the bar and made it harder for us. And then you remove the words to each button and were just supposed to know these new biohazard like icons. Its all wrong. The context toolbar should have stayed at the bottom and never been moved. The only work around is going back to using designer v1. Heres a photo of Procreates context toolbar at the bottom of their UI.
  6. Ahh. Thank you for finding my original post. I was gonna look for it. Yes. This is the same issue Im having. I think it was fixed but now its happening again. I just recently updated my designer v1 the other day.
  7. Wait. Affinity includes a white background if you export your file as a PNG? Why would it do that? Theres no white object. Its just the objects on the artboard so why wouldnt it just export the objects on the artboard.
  8. Why would I? Theres nothing on my artboard. Just a shape. So if export it as a PNG the file should be exported in the size of my artboard with just the shape and a transparent BG. But its exporting the shape with a white bg. I have no white object the size of my bg though. Its just my shape on the artboard.
  9. Like as youre typing inside the text box of the artboard of the layer the app exits you out of the text box so youre cut off in the middle of renaming your artboard. So your renaming is cut short.
  10. This was an issue A LONG time ago and now its back. Every time I try to rename an artboard the renaming stops. It stops in the middle of me renaming my artboard and I cant fully rename my artboard. It becomes this game of how fast can I rename my artboard before it cuts me off.
  11. If I export an artboard as a PNG the PNG file thats been exported isnt transparent. Thats the issue. Theres no transparency. The file has a solid white background when it shouldnt.
  12. Theres a whole forum post here on the forums with users complaining about it. I dont want to look for it right now. Too many posts. The same icons that they just put in the beta version of AD v2 for ipad The only difference was the added blue in v1. Those icons needed to change anyways. no ones mistaking the trash can icon for a glue bottle but you.
  13. So the helper button is located at the bottom right corner of the UI. I really need serif to move it. Its time already. I need you to move it because that whole area at the bottom right of the UI is called "dead mans land" and nothing should be there. Nothing should be there because the users palm rests there and any button under the palm will be accidentally triggered causing workflow disruption. You cant have workflow disruption. I cant even draw in pixel persona because the helper ? button is constantly being accidentally triggered from my hand resting on the screen to draw. I cant even draw! You need to move it. I made a whole post about this issue in the v1 forums. Its time to move it. Below is an image of how it should be.
  14. So currently the persona buttons are all grouped into 1 button. I think this is wrong because these persona buttons are very important to go into and you just cant be hiding them from the user. We toggle into them. I know youre not constantly going into them but the whole app revolves around them. I need to be able to quickly toggle into them but when you hide them its not quick anymore. I dont want to do extra taps to get to them. I dont want to play hide and go seek. On your site you claim "From the top left of your workspace, you can instantly switch between the Designer Persona (vector mode) and Pixel Persona (raster mode) using the Personas drop-down menu." I dont think its "instantly switch" when I have to do extra taps to get into a drop down menu to get to my personas. Its slow and it is not "instantly." Everything that you want users to "easily access" should take the user 1 finger tap to get to. Anything more than 1 tap is not "instantly" or "easily accessible." You CAN claim "instantly switch" when you lay out all the personas for the user. You can then claim that once you do that. All the personas were laid out in v1 for the users. Now, theyve been grouped into a drop menu and now its slower to get to them. The only reason, and please hear me out when I say this, the only reason why you guys put them in a drop down menu was because of the placement of the context toolbar on the same bar as the personas. This context toolbar placement is ruining the UI and its interfering with the workflow of the user. You just cant put the context toolbar on the same bar as the personas. You can't because theres already so much going on in that bar. Theres so many buttons that youre just now forced to squeeze all these buttons into 1 bar. Theres so many buttons that you have to group buttons with other buttons and turn them into drop down menu buttons. Ugh. Its just upsetting. This context toolbar has several buttons for each tool and because of all those buttons youre now forced to make the context toolbar a priority over everything else on this bar and now youre hiding other important buttons to make room for the context toolbar. Important buttons like the personas. You just shouldnt be hiding the personas. You need to display them for the user and this context toolbar needs to be moved else where. Ill make a whole post talking about this context toolbar placement. Below is an image of how it should be. This applies for the other apps as well. The home button has also been turned into an arrow button. Look at this post for reference on the home button.
  15. I had made a post about the home button a while back. Pretty much you have 2 icons for a button. Its not really necessary to have 2 icons for a home button. Just change it to a square button with a back arrow for the icon. It works alone as just an arrow icon. You can read about my post below where I go into details on why you should change it. Its a simple fix.
  16. Do you want to know why the icons for cap, join, and align were bad in v2 and why users were complaining about them? Because your using "outlined" icons. Icons that are designed as only strokes. Please dont. Dont use these stroke icons. Outlined icons are like half baked icons. They dont translate to the user. Theyre hard to identify. A great example is the folder icon button in the layer studio. What even is that? So many users didnt even know it was a folder. If you just put fully filled in icons it will work. Turning the cap, join, and align icons into fully filled icons works! Im so happy you made this change. I can now identify these icons. Thank you. Since we're on the topic of outline icons, the trash icon at the bottom left corner of the UI needs to be changed to a filled in trash can icon and the folder and trash icon in the layers studio needs to be changed as well. Just do it how it was in v1. Go back to v1 and look at the trash icon. Its filled it. Easy to identify. No outlines. Just a simple filled in icon. And for the folder icon, just use a filled in folder icon. Its simple. None of these biohazard outlined stroke icons. They dont work. And then you have all these icons in 2 different styles. One filled and the other outlined and the app now has 2 styles of icons and it gets to the point where the app doesnt look appealing design wise because of all these icon styles. Just look at the icons for the buttons in the layer studio. That top row of buttons have outlined icons. And then look at the icons around them. theyre all filled in and you can see the 2 styles of icons.
  17. So I noticed the stroke pressure box was moved down in the stroke studio and the cap, join, align were put above it. Is it possible you can put back the pressure box above cap, join, and align? How it was originally in v1 and v2. I say that because it just looked more visually and hierarchy appealing to the eye. I also feel pressure is more important than cap, join, align. Also, why was the pressure box extended in height? Its now a square. Not a rectangle like before.
  18. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for removing "Advanced" from the stroke studio. It was so unnecessary. Nothing about it was "advanced." Im so happy right now. I feel heard and validated. It should have never been there. It was hiding all our stroke properties. Thank you so much. 😭 Dont ever put it back.
  19. Because having the buttons out on their own makes it quick and easy for the user to toggle into. Because adding the context toolbar to the top bar in v2 where theres already a lot of buttons is bad design so we have to take all those buttons, hide them from you by grouping them into 1 button, and then make it even harder for you to get to them by tapping on that button for a pop up menu to pop up that closes on you when an option is selected and repeat, repeat, repeat. Yes. By removing the context toolbar, putting it in its own bar below, and then turning the top bar into a customizable toolbar, what it should have been, allowing the user, you, to customize their toolbar to their preference, and having those buttons that youre wanting to go into on your customizable toolbar so you can easily tap into them quick and easy without having to press a button that opens up into a popup menu that makes you do even more taps to get to.
  20. I forgot Christmas was coming. I guess because I dont celebrate it. New years is coming as well, so I guess nothing wont start till next year. That gives me time to prepare all the feedback. 🤔
  21. So what are we doing? What are we doing right now? Im bored. I want to beta test affinity designer v2 for ipad already. I want to get to work and fix this app. I want to submit my feedback in the beta forums. Im not doing anything. I want to work. I have all the time in the world. I really want to fix this app design wise. The apps out. You got your money. You got your flowers. Lets get to work. Chapter 2. ✌️
  22. So I started my 30 day trial for adobe illustrator on ipad, and I wanted to share my pros about the app. Specifically pros because the features that make it pro I really want to see some of them in affinity designer v2 for ipad. Not all of them. Theres not too many pros. Just some. This is NOT a feature request post. No. Im not trying to make a list of feature requests on one post. I will make a feature request of some of these request individually when the beta forums open up. I just want to talk about these pro features here because theyre related to AD and we should be talking about them. 1.) The Context Menu Widget - Ive talked about it here in the forums. It needs to happen for affinity designer v2 on ipad. Pretty much the context menu widget is a toolbar that appears under each object/stroke when you select the move tool where you have quick action buttons on a bar like move, delete, layer order, opacity, stroke width, duplicate, lock, etc. Its a bar that has everything you need and will help you in your building vector process. Serif was in the right step in making this move context toolbar. They were right there in making it BUT they badly messed up. They messed up by putting this move context toolbar inside the new quick menu. Its now inside the quick menu and all the quick action buttons are at the top (duplicate, cut, copy, paste style, delete). This move context toolbar is not a debate. It needs to happen because its going to help out users and it follows Fitts Law. We need to follow fitts law. 2) The Round Corner Widget - Every time you have a sharp point in your shape in Illustrator for ipad theres a round corner widget that you can easily pull to round your corner. Its so awesome and easy. In AD, theres specifically a round corner button and you have to press that button just to make your corner. Its too many steps and there shouldn't even be a corner button. Just offer that round corner widget where theres a sharp point to make vector building easier. 3) Smoothing - The smoothing feature is awesome in adobe illustrator for ipad. Its what the pencil tool in AD needs. You just increase the smoothing value and youre drawing THE smoothest lines. This is great for when you rough sketch something out and you just use your pencil to start vector building your illustration with smooth lines. 4) Freeform Gradient - A feature where you can add several color "annotators" to your object that blend color with each other. 5) The Pathfinder Thumbnail Preview - The previewing thumbnail of the different pathfinders shapes. Its VERY helpful to see the thumbnails of the patherfinder results youre looking for. Thats pretty much it. Yup. Its really not that pro. Nothing else stands out about illustrator for ipad. Im not really wowed. Im feeling mehhhh about it. I can honestly say it is NOT worth a subscription. Save your money. AD for ipad is beyond better. Be-yond better. AD for ipad has way more features and is ahead of the game. Illustrator for ipad is half baked. Its still baking. We really need to talk about that context menu widget though. It needs to happen in AD v2 or v3. Its really good. So good that even Apple has integrated it into their new Freeform productivity app. Now adobe, Apple, and vectornator are using this context menu widget.
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