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  1. This is for AD v2 on ipad. You know how it says dash gap, dash gap, and dash gap? Dont you think it should say "Length" instead of dash? Because youre changing the length of the dash. Just how above the stroke studio theres a "Width" slider that changes the width. It wouldnt say stroke. It would say width. Here it should say length because youre changing the length of the dash. I already know it refers to my dash because the category is dash pattern. I also feel like these 3 dash gaps should be numbered. Its probably unnecessary, but I just feel like somethings missing design wise. A number is missing telling me what dash is what. I know how to count. Its more of like an indicator. I drew it out below. Please, please, PLEASE πŸ™ make it a setting in the preferences where users can choose to have the app work in increments in whole numbers or increments of 0.1. In v1, I always hated having my stroke width in 0.1 increments and my fx context menu dials in increments of 0.1. I hated it so much. I just wanted to work in whole numbers. Please make this an option instead.
  2. I was not here when the menus would auto close on you but yes. Its much better now to have them open and stay open while I turn on the options that I need. There is something though that is still very annoying about the move tool options. For the move tool options, when you bring out the menu for it you can choose to turn on 6 of the options that are available. So once you turn these 6 options on they stay on for that document but when you create a new document theyre turned off. So you have to go into the move tool options in that new document and turn on these options again and its like that for each document you create. It would be better if we could have these option stay on for every document we create and turn them off when we decide to turn them off. Its annoying to have to go into the move tool option for every document we create just to turn them back on. Id like them to stay on.
  3. This is for AD v2 on iPad. If you select the move tool you have options at the top in the context menu. There are 6 options called cycle selection box, lock children, enable transform origin, hide selection while dragging, show alignment handles, and transform objects separately. I like to have some of these on. I especially like to have enable transform origin on because its an anchor point that I can move and use to rotate things easily. I always turn this option on. Heres my issue. If i turn on enable transform origin for that document it will stay on for that document. If I create a new document that enable transform origin is turned off and I have to go back into the options just to turn it on and its like that for each document I create. I dont want to keep doing this. I want to just turn on this option and have it stay on for each document I create. Have it stay on forever unless I turn it off. So I need these move tool options to stay on for each document I create if i turn them on. I cant keep going into the options and turning them on. Please allow them to stay on for each document.
  4. Extrusion is something I've been wanting to see in AD since illustrator released it. Currently you only have the 3D fx in the effect studio thats only available. Its not really the same but it has the 3dness to it. I want to see Extrusion be an fx in the effect studio. Its gonna take time to build so you probably wont see this for another version build or two.
  5. How do you reverse a compound? Like, undo it without undoing it. Without the undo gesture. Is there a way to delete the compound to get your shapes back? And how can I change my compound? Theres got to be a compound button that i can press that will allow me to change it to the other geometries.
  6. How come when I have Show Object Type turned off and I create a compound the compound icon shows up in my layers? It tells me my layer is a compound through this icon but I thought I had these object types turned off.
  7. I just tried this out and heres my issue. There needs to be an indicator that happens when a compound has been created. If you tap add under geometry the word add and the whole rectangle button its in will flash a gray color indicating that you have tapped it to do an add geometry. So now youve created an add geometry but with compound its the same indicator as add geometry. The add rectangle button flashes a gray color. I think there needs to be a different indicator so that the two arent similar. I dont know what kind of indicator though. I hope i make sense. When you do a geometry the geometry word button gets highlighted once indicating that a geometry has been performed. Maybe with compound you could do a double highlight to indicate a compound has been performed? Geometry: Tap, Highlight Compound: Long Press, Double Highlight
  8. This is for AD v2 on iPad. For the corner tool you have the option to do rounded, concave, straight, and cutout corners. My issue is in the context menu of the corner tool you have "Corner" written out before each type of corner. I just feel like its too wordy. Theres too much "Corner" and its unnecessary. I already know its a corner tool, and I already know the types that are available. I dont want to see the word "corner" written out for me 5 times before each corner type. I just want to see what corner types are available and choose which one I want. I dont want to do the extra reading of the word "corner." I want to only read the types of corner, choose, and go. So please remove the word "Corner" for each corner type. Sigh. I wish serif had not put the context menu for each tool at the top because it removes the little word for each icon/menu and you expect us to know what each icon/menu does. In AD v1, you had the word "corner type" under the corner type option and then you had none, rounded, concave, straight, and cutout written out. There was no "Corner" word written out before each type of corner. Just the types of corners. There was no need to put the word "Corner" before each corner type because the word "corner type" is spelled out under the corner type options and thats all you needed to tell you what this menu does. It tells you that here are the corner types available. AD v2 has that "corner type" word but you have to hit the "?" question mark icon at the bottom right to bring out the help menu for it to say "corner type." So now that its only the icons/menus on the context menu youre forced to put the word "corner" before each corner type. I ask that you please remove the word "corner" before each corner type OR heres a better solution. What you can do is the following. Write the first corner type for "none" like this ------> "Corner: None" and then spell out the other types under on their own. That way "Corner" isnt spelled out repetitively for each type and the first "Corner:" with a semicolon tells me that there are more corner types to follow without "Corner" written for each corner type. Look at the example below. Its just to much "corner." βœ… πŸ‘‡ Corner: None Rounded Concave Straight Cutout ❌ Corner None Corner Rounded Corner Concave Corner Straight Corner Cutout
  9. Im having an issue with the place image. Ill place an image into my document but when i place a 2nd image of a different image that 2nd image thats placed is the image of my first image. So its just placing the 1st image over and over again. Its not placing the 2nd image i selected. Attached is a video showing this. place.MP4
  10. No worries. Im actually using AD v1 right now but quick menu in AD v2 would be the solution for duplicating in the layers. Im glad you see how I need these options in the layer studio. When Im building my work in the layers studio I need to be able to stay in my layers studio and have everything I need there. I dont want to exit the layer studio to do a quick menu gesture on my canvas or go to the edit menu like in v1. I need my focus and attention to stay and be in this layer studio. Again, quick menu is the solution for now. πŸ™‚
  11. This is why the whole bar at the top of the interface should have been a "customizable toolbar" and not an area for a context menu for each tool. The context menu for each tool should have stayed at the bottom but yes. Insertion should be place at the top with the others.
  12. Oh. I didnt know you could do that. That helps out a lot. Thank you.
  13. Ive never seen it done that way. I always assume its some kind of issue with the app that cant load the word. Its ok. I know how the place an image so when I see "Place...." I'll know that that is place image. Yes. I read that forum after i made my comment. It cleared things up. I also didnt know about the drag and drop files/photos into affinity. Thats definitely going to help out. Thank you for the video demonstration. I ask because v1 didnt have this, and I actually like this panel as its own studio. The resource manager displays the files/photos as a layer and the thumbnail is too small. I like the big thumbnail in the place panel. I can easily see what images I have.
  14. This is for AD on ipad. In v1, the stroke pressure was positioned under the stroke width. In v2, the stroke pressure was then moved near the bottom of the stroke studio and is no longer under the stroke width. I feel like this is an issue because now I cant scroll down the stroke studio because the placement of the pressure isnt something that you can tug on to scroll down. You have to tug downwards either above the pressure or the tiny space below the pressure. You cant tap the pressure and scroll downwards. You have to place your finger or apple pencil above the pressure or below the pressure to scroll downwards. And where the placement of the pressure is is where my finger or apple pencil would usually go to scroll down. So i cant scroll because the stroke pressure isnt tuggable. Its not an area where you can place your finger/pencil and scroll down and that area is usually where my finger/pencil would go to scroll down. Another issue is placing my finger/apple pencil above the stroke pressure to scroll downwards because sometimes where I place that finger/pencil above the stroke pressure will change the meter limit. Ill place my finger/pencil where the join/align is and my finger ends up changing the meter limit. So i have to undo and then specifically tap and hold an area that will scroll downwards. So I only have certain areas that i can tap and hold to scroll and i have to be very care i dont change anything. Another issue is you cant even tap and hold that tiny area under the stroke pressure to scroll down because its going to activate the arrow heads. So I cant use this area, I cant use the stroke pressure area, and now I if i scroll from above the stroke pressure I have to be very careful I dont change the meter limit. So I need this stroke pressure to be moved back under the stroke width so that everything can move down and then I can be able to place my finger/apple pencil on the stroke cap,join, align area and that would allow me to scroll down.
  15. Oh. Yes. You are correct. I thought you specifically had to tap a node to rest the pressure. Thats why I wanted a button but this makes things easier.
  16. I want a way where I can create my very own FXs using the fxs in the fx studio. I say this because I hate recreating the inputs to an fx everytime I start a new document or create a new object. What do I mean by this. Like, if I turn on Gaussian blur, set it to 10px, and want to apply this effect to several objects, I dont want to keep applying the gaussian blur with 10px for each object in the fx studio and do this whole 10px input thing. Yes, you can copy and paste the style but what I want is in the fx studio I want to hit a "+" plus icon, select the gaussian blur effect, set it to 10 px, and then have that gaussian blur effect be an fx that I can turn on whenever in my fx panel. Maybe call it "gaussian blur 10px." So if I start a new document and create a shape, I could just go to my fx studio and turn on the gaussian blur 10px fx that I created and done. I dont have to turn on the original gaussian blur fx and set it to 10px. Theres already a pre saved customized "gaussian blur 10px" fx in the fx studio that I can turn on. Its kind of like styles but the thing with styles is that color is applied. I dont want color applied. I just want the fx applied. So maybe I could have gaussian blur 5px, gaussian blur 10px, gaussian blur 15px, and gaussian blur 20px ready to go in my fx studio that i can turn on. They are pre save customized fxs. I dont have to recreate these fxs. Its just a matter of simply turning them on to make life easy. I also wanted to create an outer glow fx but have its blend mode set to normal. I dont want the blend mode to be on screen. So I would like to create an outer glow fx with a normal blend mode, rename it to "Outer Normal", and then just turn it on whenever i need to. Theres no turning on outer glow, changing the blend mode to normal, and doing all these steps over and over again each time I want to apply this effect. Its just a pre saved customized fx. I need this.
  17. Yes. This has also annoyed me. I dont know why they moved. I work in v1 so when I go to v2 Im just thrown off because my whole workflow and muscle memory has been moved. I need them to arrange the effects how they are in v1 or allow us to rearrange them to our liking.
  18. I dont know if I using it right but the "clear any arrowheads on a stroke" button isnt working for me. I create a stroke, gave it some arrowheads, and then hit the "clear any arrowheads on a stroke" button to clear the arrowheads and nothing. Actually, the 4 buttons at the very bottom arent working at all. Not even the dial and chain icon above those 4 buttons are working. Is it just me? Everything under the arrowhead buttons arent working. What you said about number 3 got me thinking about the stroke pressure. Can a "reset pressure" button be added next to Pressure? You currently have to tap a node from the pressure handles to reset the pressure. Its the same concept of not having to scroll through your arrowheads to hit none so a button was created for it to clear the arrow heads. Instead of clicking a node to reset the pressure a button could be pressed to easily reset it. Itd be more convenient.
  19. I have 3 things to say about this. 1.) Place Image is abbreviated as "Place..." in the menu. Can we not do that? I dont like it. I dont like when "..." is followed after a word because I feel like that app isnt loading the word. I need it to spell out "Place Image" So can we change that to "place image?" 2) Is it possible for you guys to make it where we can place multiple images? Or is this like an apple thing where youre limited to 1? I ask because I hate placing an image and then repeating the same steps again for a 2nd image. Id like to just place all my images in one take. 3) When I import my image a place window pops up on the right side showing that image a placed. V1 didnt have that and I really like this for v2 because now I can see all the images I have placed in my document. My question is is this like a new studio? The place studio? How do I get to it because it disappears when I finish placing my image. I really want this to be its own studio. Is it its own studio that im just not aware of it and just finding out about it? Its cool because it lets me easily see all the images Ive imported.
  20. I actually need you to bring the icons back for all of them from v1. Yes. All of them. I know I sound crazy, but I really loved how they looked in v1 where its was the icon followed by the word. It was a formula that you followed and it was consistent all through out the edit menu. Now, this formula is only applied for insertion, isometric, and planes. It looks off. Its not balanced. I feel like theres something missing with these solo words. These words are naked. There needs to be an icon next to them. Iconography will help users more than just reading a solo word. A scissors icon tells me cut, two puzzle pieces together tell me group, and a circle overlapping a square tells me insert behind. Its helpful. Very helpful. Its just too many words that Im looking at here that I honestly DONT want to read anything. My eyes are flooded with so many words, and I need some balance. I need balance. Balance these words out with icons next to them. It will look nicer and be more helpful to users. Please, please πŸ™consider adding icons to all of them. Bring back the v1 icons from the edit menu and revamp their designs.
  21. This is very exciting. An awesome feature to have. I want to get me a keyboard now to go with my ipad. Thank you.
  22. Can you please not nest our tools? I noticed its something you guys are doing in v2. V1 didnt have this. In v1, I could easily tap the pencil tool and then tap the pen tool. Just easy 1 taps to get to my tools. Just 1 tap. Thats it. I could easily toggle between them. Now, I have to tap the pencil tool to select it, then I need to tap it again to bring out the nested tools window, and then I have to tap it for a 3rd time just to get to my pen tool. Its so annoying. Same thing here just to get to the style picker. Its just too many taps. Remember when everyone was complaining about the transform drop down menu taking 6 taps? Its so annoying and now I have to do 3 taps to get to my tools. V2 is just full of drop down menus. The solution is to not have tools nested. Just keep it like v1. But then the issue of having too many tools on your tool bar comes up. You can have the tool bar scroll down to reveal more tools OR bring in the customizable tool bar feature where you can remove certain tools from your tool bar in the preferences. Sigh. Whatever you guys want to do. Just please stop nesting our tools. Please. You need to follow this rule. ------> 1 tap is great design. Anything more than 2 is bad design. More taps is too long to do an action.
  23. I cant believe it took this long to get rulers. This was one of the most requested features in the v1 forums for AD on ipad. Glad to see rulers here today.
  24. Thank you so much for this feature. This is something I wanted since v2 was released. One, the object type icon shouldn't be in the same box as the ">" collapse icon, two, you had 2 icons(object type icon and > icon) in the same box under each other, and three is that these 2 icons are on each layer so with several layers you just had several small icons on every layer that are not pleasing for the eye to see. So being able to hide the object type icon makes things cleaner. Thank you.
  25. The lock icon next to the rotation value in the navigator panel has always been a problem in AD v1. Let me explain how its still a problem here in v2 as well. Sometimes you tap the lock icon next to the rotation value and it does nothing. So youre there tapping it hoping its going to unlock but it doesnt want to unlock. The other issue is its too close to the rotation value that when I click the lock icon to unlock it a rotation value input window pops up instead. So theyre too close to each other that the unlock action is being mistaken for a rotation value input action. You need to add more spacing between the lock icon and the rotation value so that the hit boxes are separated and not overlapping each other.
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