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  1. aarøntyree

    Affinity for Linux

    I suspect based on their history, and the tone of the answer from the Top Cat, that open source ideology and economics are not a very high priority for Serif. Which is fine. But getting 10,000 linux users to purchase the only high performing graphics app of its kind for desktop Linux would not be difficult. What I find so fascinating is why all of the Linux enthusiasts are keen to spend $50 on Affinity, but are unwilling to give a $10 donation to GIMP development. If every GIMP user donated $10 a year to the project, the development growth of GIMP would be astronomical.
  2. This is a rather small request in comparison to the many feature requests that are listed here, but I continually find myself wishing I could reduce the minimum tool panel width by about half. Particularly for the Macro and Adjustment layer panels. On a large display, Im sure this is not an issue. But on a macbook, those extra 100px on both sides would make a considerable difference.
  3. aarøntyree

    Introduce Yourself

    Greetings. I recently installed Affinity Photo without reading any reviews, or having heard anything about it. As funny as it may sound, I just had a weird gut instinct when I saw it in the app store. So I just purchased it. So... Ive spent....alot of time editing photographs. Building editing workflows, refining methods, scratching my head, gaining small victories...and in just about every software option currently available. And while I see that there is some work to be done on Affinity, I am pretty much blown away by the level of thought that has been put into designing it. What excites me the most is what I see in the underlying structure. The choice of how color will be rendered, the .CUBE integration, the styles framework, that freaking magical in-painting brush (seriously whoever wrote that is from another dimension)... Very excited to see where this goes.

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