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  1. I am trying to uncurl this photo and then crop it. It was photographed from a scrapbook and sent to me by an old friend. I tried using the Mesh Tool without much luck, and the Perspective tool with even less. Is it even possible to do this without distorting the images beyond recognition? Thanks!
  2. I am using V2, Windows 10. I have an image of a pumpkin. I want to apply another image, like a flag decal, onto the side of the pumpkin, but I want it to follow the contours of the pumpkin, kind of like if it was painted on, if that makes any sense. Is that possible to do in either Photo or Designer? I tried the Overlay blend mode but that doesn't seem to work for me. Thanks.
  3. The Affinity line is a terrific value. The discounts offered - Universal License, etc. - can't be beat. The software is outstanding. And the communique from Ash further solidifies an already solid reputation for the honesty and integrity of the company. I'm a happy V1>V2 user. Keep up the good work!
  4. Hi I'm Phil from Atlanta. I'm just a hobbyist, I like to create posters, announcements, and occasional newsletters and such for a non-profit, and also just like to play with the programs. (am I the only one that does that?) I'm amazed at the fact that even with all of the features (and there are a ton of them) a dummy like me can still produce acceptable results. While on the other hand, design professionals and artists are able to produce really outstanding things with the programs. Congratulations to the Serif/Affinity design, marketing, and tutorial staff.
  5. Hi, thanks for the respnse. I don't think that you're missing the point. I'm just ignorant. I don't understand your screen capture. But again, thanks for trying to help me, I appreciate it. I'll keep trying to find out how to do it. Again, I'm using either Photo or Publisher.
  6. I have the same problems. I have a numbered list. I want each line of text to horizontally align with the first letter of the first word in the first line of text, which is indented after the number. I am on a PC, and Affinity Photo, Publisher and Designer I have tried to figure this out in both the Publisher and Photo personas. I've been at it for over an hour. I found this thread after about 20 minutes of frustration, and have tried everything in the thread. No joy. Should it be this difficult to format a bulleted or numbered list? Maybe it's not even possible in Affinity? Any help will be much appreciated.
  7. selfdefence, Freakin, Freak! That's what I was looking for. Thank you! You showed it in Designer, and the Windows version doesn't have an Appearance panel in Photo, but it works the same. Now I'm going to try to fuzz the reflection a bit to look more like a reflection. Maybe tonal variations. Thanks again, the video was very helpful, and you paused between steps long enough for me to find out where your cursor was to determine what you were doing. Grateful. Out.
  8. Thomaso, excellent suggestions. Thanks! First defence, thank you. Can you help me out a bit? The faded gradient is exactly what I was looking for. Could you possibly provide the steps you took to achieve that? Did you first group the bottom heart by itself, then applied a gradient, then applied the gradient to mask to the group? I have never used the gradient to mask function so I don't know how that works. How do I do that to obtain the effect you achieved? Thanks! th
  9. In the attached image, I want the lower heart to look like a reflection of the upper one. I thougt that my first step should be to put a gradient transparency on the lower one. I tried the Transparency tool in both D and Pub, but no luck. Although I select the lower heart, when I use the Transparency tool it applies the transparency to the background. Using version Any help much appreciated.
  10. Thank you! Uncheck? 3 people told me to make sure Resample is checked. LOL Well, I'll just try it both ways. Again, thanks for your help.
  11. walt.farrell, thanks for the reply. I think you meant "How you check depends...". I'm using Photo. I just now clicked on Document>Resize Doucment, and it shows 300 dpi. I assume that means that's the way it was saved? While I'm at it, should I keep the "Resample" box checked in that dialogue? It was checked when I performed the above actions. What does it mean? I believe you have solved my issues. Thank you and others!
  12. Thank you! I tried the Help feature and read about the Resource Manager, but I'm still stumped on how to use it. When I open it, I cannot find where to find the DPI of an object. The documents are not graphic-intensive, 99% is text. I will look for a tutorial on the Resource Manager. I just don't want to have the text blurred after it is printed. It's a 24" x 48" sign. These are all either native fonts or some that I downloaded from the internet, and a couple of graphics. Four different signs in all. That's why I was asking if there was a way to see what my dim brain chose as the DPI during document setup, and if 72, can I change it after the fact. I still can't figure out if I can or how to do that. Any help? Thanks again.
  13. How can I check resolution, dimensions, etc. after creating a document and saving it if using a PC? Also, can I change the DPI from say, 72 to 300 AFTER I have created a document (and forgot to set it at 300 in the beginning)? I have saved the document in the afphoto format. I am going to have it printed at a print shop, and it's a sign with large letters. Naturally I want to be sure that the letters and some graphics print at the optimum resolution. Right now, I cannot remember what I set the resolution at during the doc setup process. Thanks!
  14. How can I do the same (check resolution, dimensions, etc.) if using a PC? Also, can I change the DPI from say, 72 to 300 AFTER I have created a document (and forgot to set it at 300 in the beginning)?
  15. All are 1.10.5. None are Betas. I may have multiple copies installed, different (earlier versions). Could you help me to determine if that is so, and if that presents a conflict, how I could find the other copies and delete them? Thanks so much for your help. PP
  16. I just tried to edit the file in Designer, and I got the same error message. hmmmmm
  17. While designing a flyer, I was having difficulty in setting a bulleted list to "no indents". So I decided to try it in Publisher. When I go to File>Edit in Publisher, I get the following error message (see attached). Both personas are version
  18. Using Publisher 10.4.1198. I write some text, then put an image on top of it. I select the image, then go to "Show Text Wrap Settings" and choose "Tight", for instance, "Both Sides", and then "Close" (there is no "Apply" button.) Nothing happens. The image still blocks the text. I tried retyping my text, no joy. I tried different wrap settings, no joy. What the heck am I doing wrong?
  19. Walt.Farrell, thanks for reminding me of the estimated size calculation using the Export function. That's just what I needed.
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