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  1. In the middle of anything, my AD would freeze totally, without any reason. Zooming, moving things. No chance to recover from it : once it's in the "no answer" state, I just have to close my app as I could wait forever.

    How can I prevent these freezes?

  2. Hi,

    This bug already happened in V1, but it's still the same story in V2.

    I save my work in a new folder in Google Drive. I make changes to my files, then I hit save in the files homepage.

    This morning, I want to open my file, all my changes are gone, i'm back to the first state when I first saved my file in my new folder in Google Drive.

  3. 17 minutes ago, Mark Ingram said:

    Hi all. Thanks for your patience over the weekend when our offices were closed.

    We've had a meeting this morning and decided to offer MSI installers to those people who would like them. I can't tell you when this will happen, as there is engineering work that will be required to allow this to happen, but we hope it won't be long.

    Thanks for your feedback!

    You should make a dedicated thread about it, to be sure everyone can see it.

  4. 2 hours ago, AffinityMakesMeSmile said:

    How will you know that can’t have inside information from the Serif Labs company?

    I’ve got friends working in the software business in Nottingham, and, they regular meet staffs from Serif…

    Publisher for iPad will NOT be released this year - I would like to have that information from Serif official…

    If you have serious information from inside Serif, why asking for confirmation? You are very self-confident about this, then confirmation is optional for you.

  5. 15 hours ago, Nox said:

    Adobe products use OpenCL on AMD GPUs, they have zero issues running on there. DaVinci Resolve uses OpenCL, but surprisingly it doesn't have any issues on AMD either.

    Blender switched from OpenCL to HIP on AMD GPUs, because this API is more reliable, versatile, faster, future proof and very similar to CUDA. Also OpenCL as a whole has really big problems in general, it's hard and annoying to implement for hardware manufacturers, that's why everyone sticks to 2.0. OpenCL 3.0 is a big reset which makes most features optional because Khronos (standardisation organisation) has realized 2.0+ was a big mistake.

    Serif has 3 options to handle this:

    - fix the OpenCL bug like all other creative apps, make use of OpenCL 3.0's feature query function in the future.

    - think straigh forward, future proof and switch to a better API (HIP and CUDA)

    - or just do nothing and blame AMD for not supporting a broken API

    Obviously the latter option does not fix anything.

    Well, it's pretty summed up. I guess this problem will be resolved with 2.0. We're not out of the woods yet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

  6. 2 minutes ago, ziplock9000 said:

    I have a whole host of other GPU accelerated applications that run just fine on AMDs cards. Serif chose to use that API, they were not forced. After more than a year they still have not chosen an API that works like everyone else has.

    The problem is firmly in Serif's court far more than AMDs.


    I do understand your point but I must imagine switching from OpenCL to any other API must be very long to code, am I wrong?

  7. 1 hour ago, Patrick Connor said:

    Sorry, we are focussing our efforts on a major release (new features and fixes) and consequently have not done any minor patches for a long time, as you say. But no not dead.

    As said in a previous post, you don't have the grade for telling things about it. I also know that you stopped teasing things as it disappointed people before, but maybe you can talk about next "finished" features that will be released?

  8. This bug is happening to me since months, Windows AND macOS versions.

    When I want to use a studio on the side of my screen, my cursor stays with the "Resize" cursor for stretching the panels once I have crossed the gap between the work area and the panels.

    I tried to take a screenshot, but the cursor disappears on the screenshot when the bug occurs. It's maybe a part of the answer.
    The cursor appears when I'm recording my screen.

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