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  1. Basically you can’t. BUT, you can send a JPEG.
  2. I do have AD for iPad, as well as AP. Remember though, this us not just an icon problem, its a file association problem. I have made the changes necessary to open an AD file with AD. That changed the icon to show correctly but...that will/may change once I open a AD file with APhoto or APub. It kind if unpredictable. I first noticed this issue after installing a beta of Publisher.
  3. Does anyone have thoughts on why my Affinity Designer iCloud file folder show Affinity Photo icon? I see this on both my Macs and iPad. I can go in and change it manually but I thought I'd mention it here to see if anyone else has had this problem. I had a similar problem while working with the beta version of Affinity Publisher where Affinity Photo files showed Affinity Publisher icons, and files were opening up in the wrong application. Clearly an association problem but I have never had this problem with Macs, only Windows. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Thanks in advance. UPDATE: I just tried to open an Affinity Design document on my mac that was created on my iPad...it opened in Affinity Photo. Something is definitely broken.
  4. Publisher continues to crash when I attempt to delete a TOC style. Luckily Publisher has a recovery file. I have been working all day, multitasking actually, so resources are slim at best, but I thought I'd mention this before I leave for the weekend, maybe see if someone else has experienced this as well. My hope is that once I shut down and come back Monday things will be back to normal (crossing fingers). I have a crash report if that is of any use to anyone.
  5. I think I get it, buuuut once you rasterize (so that edits such as this can be made) you have lost that data. So, in order to get around that, I guess you have to make a copy or the "image", which kind of sucks then.
  6. Interesting. I guess I never noticed or expected that. I figured you have an "image" or you have a vector. So, what is an image if it is not a raster, or what is the benefit of having a difference?
  7. I continue to have difficulty understanding the selection tool in AP. I expect the tool to behave like other software where I can make my selection and immediately copy/paste as a new object, or delete it. It seems that I have to go through the additional step(s) of refining the outputting. Is this the case or am I missing something? I keep going back to Pixelmator Pro for fast selection edits, and I'd rather not.
  8. befehr

    Cut edge showing-AP iPad

    As a comparison, same exact image (other ends of the car, flipped) but with AP on the desktop app.
  9. befehr

    Cut edge showing-AP iPad

    I guess my point/ question is that with other applications on a desktop or laptop this is not an issue. I would expect to see no line with an object that is cut and pasted in the same location.
  10. I cut and pasted part if an image and the ”cut edge” is clearly visible. Is this typical? BTW, feathering only makes it worse.
  11. Certain fx or ANY adjustments are not considered vector, like blur, drop shadows, etc. So they get rasterized. Illustrator does the same thing but since PDF is Adobe it’s handled differently I guess.
  12. Agreed. This program, like Xara, Sketch, etc., is great for web images but for handoff of a scalable file to other members of my team or to print vendors make it useless. PDFs seem like they should be the solution, but they’re not. I’ve just switched back to Illustrator on both my work and home computers. Never thought I’d say I missed it, but I do.
  13. Thank DM1, that took care of it. Purhaps I don't know exactly what snapping candidate means, in this case. Only the items I have edited seem to stay highlighted, no others that I would consider ”candidates”. Anyway, I have turned off the option and all is good now.
  14. in Designer for iPad I have objects that appear to be select when they are not. The only way for this to go away is to exit and close the document, then reopen, though the problem come right back after a short time. See red-ish lines in attached image.